A beautiful garden is a perfect retreat in our stressful schedules. Lovely blossoms and sweet fragrances found in a well groomed garden can cheer our senses. Proper positioning of things in a garden based on Fengshui can bring about balance in the yin and yang (two phases of any moment ie, both positive and negative) which in turn can make our lives harmonious.

Here is some interesting information about designing a Fengshui garden. 

A Fengshui Garden Design

In order to fill up your dwelling with positive energy and support the growth of healthy plants that can enact as stress busters, one should design and prepare a garden based on few basic Fengshui tips. Here is how to begin with.

  • Draw and Decide: Firstly draw the site plan of your land and divide your garden area into nine squares on a paper. Demarcate these boundaries on the land using a fence.
  • Epitomize The Five Elements: Try including the symbols that can represent the 5 major elements like fire, metal, wood, earth and water in their appropriate directions in order to decorate your garden. It is believed that fire controls the South; West and Northwest metal element prevails; East and Southeast are dominated by the element wood; Southwest, Center and Northeast are ruled by earth; and it is water in the North part of the land. 
  • Pave a Clean and Tidy Path:  Keep the garden tidy by removing the existing damaged containers, dried leaves and weeds if any. Pave a path using stepping stones that can ensure a gentle flow of energy.
  • Position The Props Well: Place the righteous garden furniture and decor in the appropriate direction, like reflective garden balls made of steel in the North; metal benches, wind chimes etc in the Northwest; those made of wood in South and East; granite, metal, brick or even stone decors like the statues, patios, chairs, tables, bird feeders etc, in the West, Northeast and Southwest parts.