It is of course a paramount priority for all of us to have better health, happiness and harmony to enjoy a better living. According to Fengshui, the ancient Chinese astrology, it is believed that a single lovely plant belonging to the species, Dracaena, bearing slender stems and flexible strap shaped leaves, commonly called as a Ribbon Plant, Belgian evergreen, or Lucky Bamboo, showers all these pleasant things to those bearing them. It is believed to carry a special balance of both positive and negative energies and attract good fortune.

Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is not actually a true bamboo, but looks just similar to it. It is pretty easy to grow this auspicious houseplant as it needs moderate care, light, water and nutrients and can easily adjust to the surroundings.

Here are some tips about how to grow a healthy Lucky Bamboo plant.

Choosing the Right One

It is often important to choose a right and a healthy plant with bright green flat leaves and pleasing odour. Check the roots for any rots and prevent plants with yellow stalks and leaves.

Light Specifications

It can grow well in moderate light. Very little light will prevent the plant from putting new leaves. But it doesn’t require direct sunlight.

Water Requirements

It can survive at its best in water. But the use of filtered or rain water over tap water containing chemicals is advisable. Check the water levels and keep filling the container whenever necessary.


Use of soil for the growth of your lucky bamboo is not a must. But if you hold a plant in the soil see to that it remains moist but not dry or soaking wet.

Nutrients and Fertilizers

Your Lucky Bamboo plant can become pale and weak at times indicating that it needs some food. Then give it some diluted plant food that is generally used for aquatic plants. If it is water grown, use 1/10th of the dilution of plant food, while changing the water. If it is soil grown you can use slightly stronger concentrated solution. Over fertilization can turn your plants yellow.    

Lucky Bamboo and Fengshui

A Lucky Bamboo represents all the elements of Fengshui and therefore it is believed to bring peace good luck and also positive energy into our adobes. The five major elements considered auspicious include earth, water, fire, wood and metal, and these elements are represented by the rocks and soil holding the plant, water used for the growth of the plant, red ribbon tied on the pot, the stems of the bamboo plant and finally the glass or clay container in which the plant is grown.

Also the number of stalks and their arrangement has a special meaning and individual significance in Fengshui. Like,   

Two stalks – for love

Three stalks – gives happiness

Five stalks – gives health

Six stalks – gives harmony

Eight, 18, 28 and 38 stalks – showers prosperity

 Woven arrangement of lucky bamboo – drives in positive energy by preventing the bad energy flow.

Intertwining or braided pattern of bamboo stalk arrangement – offers development in business as well as life.

A lucky bamboo with four stalks is considered ominous, because it is nearly homophonous to the word death.

It is always a great gift showering positive virtues. Therefore pick up the right arrangement and spread the waves of peace and positive energy.