The Angry Bird craze is too much here. Wherever you turn around , you can find the angry birds staring at you,from Tshirts , flippers,crocs, bags,water bottles,hair bands, brooches, jerseys. You name it and you can have an angry bird on it.  My DD enjoys looking at it any time.Glad,she doesn’t nag for anything. She preferred angry bird crocs over others (tom and jerry ,barbies,..),when we visited a shoe store.

I wanted to do Angry Birds crafts for sometime and got this idea when I saw the milk cartons. 


1. Cut milk cartons into required size.


2. Cut appropriated size of paper and colour it.I made DD to paint poster colour using big flat brush.


3.Draw eyes,beak,ears,feathers and cut and colour.
DD used crayons to colur it.
4.Apply glue on the paper and wrap it tightly around the 


5.Finally glue eyes and beaks.


Look,Angry birds are staring at you 


1.Older Kids can use construction papers instead of colouring.
2.Any small boxes can be used instead of milk cartons.