Arts and crafts is a subject close to my heart and when I do get the time, I love to follow my heart. Paints and threads are a passion.

The joy that one gets out of creating something unique using colors is simply wonderful. It is not only a satisfying experience lending expression to your creative side but can also be converted into a good source of income.

In the coming set of articles I would like to provide a list of possible areas that I have been in or have friends working in.

With so many talented women out here I am sure we can help one another by sharing ideas and experiences and get started with a wonderful work from home opportunity. I know just how thrilled I was when I sold my first water color painting.

A small painting that I had created in my hobby class fetched me Rs.1700/-. It was a good kick but more so got me thinking about the potential that the field has.

I have a friend who is really good with paints and uses different medium like water, oil, acrylics, charcoal and even pastels. One of her paintings caught the attention of a visitor to her place who was working in a large corporate house. That was the beginning and she is now really busy with the continuous orders that she receives from friends, relatives and the companies.

Painting itself offers immense potential for a great work from home venture. With paintings in great demand as a collectible or as gifts for near and dear ones, there is always work for a good artist. Nurturing your talent and making a beginning is important.

How do you start earning from art?

1. Word of Mouth:

It is important to start creating works of art and build up a portfolio. Once you get started comes the next step of spreading the word around. Word of mouth publicity through friends and relatives works well.

2. Home Exhibition:

Having a home exhibition is a good way to display your works, get some feedback and make a sale too. This way you have no overheads like in the case of taking up a stall at an exhibition.

3. Local art/gift store:

Tie up with the local store and you could begin selling through them. The local stores that sell art works and gifts is the place to check out. It is important to price your work well so that it is attractive to the prospective customer.

It takes time to catch on and the response may not be very encouraging in the initial days but persistence and patience would ultimately bring in success.

4. Corporate Gifts:

Corporate gifts too are an area worth exploring as there are tremendous opportunities here and also a lot of money. Corporate gifts are an area that could land you a big order and then there would be no looking back from there on.

5. Internet:

The internet is a wonderful way of extending your reach, displaying your works and reaching out to a larger target audience. The Indusladies site itself provides the opportunity of creating albums of your works.

Once you have created the album you can go ahead and forward the link to prospective customers, friends and relatives. Sites like Indusladies surely work as a wonderful platform for us to showcase our talents and make our business grow by helping one another.

It is all about woman power, we can surely achieve all our goals with help from each other. What you need to do first is win over your own mind and the road ahead is going to be easy.

With the huge traffic that the site receives you would have your work viewed by a large number of people and you might just receive an order from any one of them. You never know when lady luck decides to shine on you.

6. Own website:

You could have your own website online and start selling the works through it.

7. Selling through sites like ebay:

The internet offers a huge number of opportunities and sites like ebay and etsy are ideal for those who would like to begin a business venture of their own. The sites are already established and enjoy good traffic and so would provide you a good platform to make a beginning.

There are a number of good sites online that allow you to display your works and thus, provide an opportunity to make a sale.

8. Craft shows:

Being a part of art and craft shows in your city/town would help spread the word around and you may also be able make a sale or grab an order at such shows/exhibitions. This would provide you access to a larger audience.

9. Selling abroad:

The internet works as the perfect tool to make your entry in a market abroad. You could also have a friend or relative based abroad help you out.

10. Newspaper:

Having your own ad in the newspapers may prove to be an expensive proposition for a beginner, however, you could have pamphlets printed and request your local paper boy to add it as an insert in the newspapers/magazines supplied by him.

It is important to make your presence and spread the word about your wonderful works. A planned marketing strategy can bring you the desired results without having to spend a lot of money.