This is a method of using up your old and worn out bedsheets or other fabric which you were thinking of throwing out. With this tutorial you will end up with a beautiful rug that you may even consider using in your best room !

There are many tutorials for this on the net ,however this is my own method which I find very easy and fast. You need to know basic crochet for this, for instructions please refer to a book on crochet or a website.  

Materials Required:

An old bedsheet

A large crochet hook

Procedure for making the crochet rug:

Crochet Work : Recycled Crochet Rag Rug : Tutorial-img_0052.jpg

1- Take your bedsheet , and a large crochet hook – very large, like P size . In India , at least my part of it, I don’t have access to luxuries like P size crochet hooks, so I made one by cutting off the brush part of an old toothbrush and making a sort of hook in the cut off end.( see picture )

Crochet Work : Recycled Crochet Rag Rug : Tutorial-img_0053.jpg

2- Prepare your cloth by unpicking both hems. It is best to use 100% cotton sheets for this, polyester fabrics will not tear so easily. Now starting at one end, tear off a 1 inch wide strip from the cloth. When you come to the end of the strip stop about 1 inch from the end, so that the strip is not completely separated from the main cloth. now start tearing the next strip 2 inches away from the edge, so that your next strip is 1 inch wide but still attached to your first strip.

3- If you tear like the bedsheet in a zigzag manner, you will end up with the whole bedsheet torn into one continuous long strip, which you can wind up into a ball as you go along, so that it doesn’t tangle. The picture shows the strip wound into a ball , and part of the strip where the next strip begins . Hope this bit is clear. Otherwise you can just tear the whole thing into separate 1 inch strips and knot the ends to form a continuous strip.

Crochet Work : Recycled Crochet Rag Rug : Tutorial-img_0054.jpg

4 – Now the crochet begins . Make a long chain strip, about 10-15 chains depending on how big you want your rug to be . Start crocheting dcs in each chain, when you get to the end, do 3dc in the end chain, then crochet over the other side of the chain strip till you get to the end , and do 3dcs in the end ch. Now you are crocheting in rounds.On the next round, crochet 1 dc in each dc in the middle part, and crochet two dcs in each of the 3 dcs at the two ends.

5 – If you keep crocheting around, each time increasing 3 times ( i.e. work 2dcs into 1dc ) in the two ends, you will eventually end up with a beautiful oval rag rug. The above is the picture of the rug in progress. I will post a picture of the completed rug soon. 

6- Do try this and see. It’s fun and easy and a great weekend project, and uses 100 percent recycled materials !