The daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine has its benefits and is an important part of skincare.

My mom is 50 and still looks like my sister, so for her this Cleansing Toning Moisturizing (CTM) routine feels like a waste. But then not everyone is blessed with a skin like hers. For you and me, it’s our skincare essential.


A face wash is a good way to start. Never ever use soap on your face, soap is only for neck downwards. So use a cleanser or face wash to clean the oil and residues off your face. If you have a sensitive skin, use medicated face washes, and if you have problem of blackheads or white heads, than use salicylic acid based face wash.

Cleaning your skin two times a day with face wash is enough, and rest you can simple clean with water. Use a face wash depending on your skin type. Wash your face with lukewarm water, and never ever with hot water, as it rips the skin of its natural oils.


When you clean your face, the pores open up and are freshly unclogged, so a toner is used to close or shrink those pores. The easiest toner is rose water, apply it with a cotton pad, or spray it on your skin. Rose water is a perfect toner for dry and sensitive skin, as it has no alcohol.

For normal and combination, you can use toners up to 20% alcohol. Problematic skin like acne, spurts can use toners up to 60% alcohol, but ideally you should consult a dermatologist before. A toner should be used once after the face wash, and definitely before applying makeup, so that the makeup is on the skin and not inside the skin due to open pores.


We all know how sun is harmful, yet we don’t take proper care. A sunscreen is a must whether you travel out or sit whole day at home. After the cleaning and toning, apply the sunscreen, leave it for five minutes than apply your moisturizer. Some daytime moisturizer comes with a sun protection factor (SPF), use a higher SPF (45 and above) if you go out in the sun a lot daily.


There are so many moisturizers in the market, for every skin type and age type. Please make an informed choice and don’t fall into the advertising trap.

Moisturizers are necessary to maintain the moistness of skin and work on our skin. People with oily skin should use moisturizers that are water based; and for dry skin, use thick and rich moisturizers. For sensitive skins, use proper medicated moisturizers. Night time moisturizer is equally important. It’s replenishes your skin while you are sleeping.