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Tips To Boost Your Immunity

Our body’s immune system is the first line of defense against attacks in the form of infections, allergies and disorders. Therefore, it makes sense to keep this army of our most trusted soldiers in the top shape and pay careful attention to nurturing it every day. Here are some tips to boost one’s immune system: Look Before You Eat Eating a well balanced diet with special emphasis on immunity boosting food items like yoghurt, oats, barley, ginger, garlic, fish, mushrooms, turmeric, red bell peppers, herbs and Brussels sprouts is the first step towards tackling this problem. Vitamins and minerals...

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Say Goodbye to Love Handles

Congratulations on delivering your bundle of joy! As you get back to your routine life now, you wish your belly would return to its pre-pregnancy phase too. Did you think that the moment the baby is delivered you will be on your way to a flat stomach? Well, you are not alone in thinking like that. The fact is that though you have lost the bulk of the pregnancy weight, you still have to deal with some extra belly fat and unless you pay attention to it, the muscles will stay flabby. Fat loss also helps in reducing the...

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Your Guide To Relief From Joint Pain

The adult human body is made up of 206 bones, but these bones do not move on their own. It is the joints that form a connection between bones and provide movement. Therefore, normal body movement can be hindered, because of any damage to the joints from diseases or injuries. But what exactly leads to painful joints? Causes of Joint Pain Joint pain is sometimes referred to as Arthralgia (from the Greek word Arthro meaning joint, and Algos meaning pain). A number of conditions can lead to painful joints, such as –  Body strains or sprains. Diseases such as...

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Get Over Breastfeeding Jitters with Improved Milk Supply

Breast-milk is undoubtedly the best food for your newborn. Here are some natural and safe ways that can help you improve your breast milk supply to a great extent: Nurse More This is the best way to increase your milk supply. When you nurse your baby, your body produces the hormone oxytocin, which in turn stimulates the brain to make more milk. It’s a kind of demand and supply cycle. The more your baby breastfeeds, the more your body is going to produce milk. Feed your baby every 2 hours, and feed for a longer duration of time. Switch between...

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Dealing with Back Pain after a C-Section

Back pain happens to almost all women at some time during or after their pregnancy. It’s the most common side effect of delivering through a caesarean section. After a C-section delivery, the pain is felt most often in the lower back, starting at the tail bone and upper hips, and radiating upwards. Some women report exclusive pain to the left of the spine. Then again, some women do not feel any prolonged symptoms except the initial discomfort after the surgery. Causes of Backache Pregnancy and hormonal imbalances cause your abdominal muscles to become weak, straining the pelvic muscles and...

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