Patriotic programs, colorful mini tricolor flags and Nehru Caps, colorful, noisy parades with marching bands and cultural programs await the Indians to commemorate Independence Day. However, what about those Indians who are living far away from their own country? How can they celebrate it with a passion that does justice to this glorious occasion? 

Here are seven tips for Independence Day Celebrations:

Decorate Your Home: As the theme is Independence Day, you can stick to decorating your apartment with tri color ribbons, flowers, balloons etc. Colorful Rangolis can also add to the festive atmosphere.

Cultural Program: Organize a cultural program for kids and adults alike. Intersperse the program with speeches, which highlight the significance of this day and mentions the sacrifices of the freedom fighters. Let the programs be replete with patriotic songs, skits and fancy dress with the theme of Independence Day.  This way the children will awaken to their culture and understand its importance. End the program with the National Anthem.

Watch the Parade: Watch the rerun of flag hoisting celebrations happening in Delhi, the colorful Parades and events and the most important speech given by the President from the Red Fort. The inspiring speech and celebrations will strike the right note for Indians missing their homeland.

Join in the Celebrations: Plenty of Indian communities organize Independent Day parades and events. Check for such events near your city, and attend them. Such participation will keep your zest alive.

Throw a Party: You can also organize a party at home. You can make it a success by making it a tri-colored theme with dress, food and decorations that follows this theme. Watch movies together that project patriotism, add quiz competitions, which highlight India’s glorious past.

Stories of Independence Day of India: Plenty of stories from Amar Chitra Katha about freedom fighters and leaders of India can be read to younger kids. This will make them aware of India’s struggle to freedom. Struggles of Bhagat Singh, Subhas Chandra Bose, and Mahatma Gandhi etc can be told to help them understand the history of India.

Organize a Kite-flying event:  You could also organize a kite-flying competition in your community. Kites of various colors, shapes and sizes flying in the sky are not only fun but also demonstrate the free spirit of India.

Do something different on this special day to make the younger generation aware of India’s glorious past. Do not take it as another holiday and while your time away. If you do so, you may have missed out an opportunity to teach something important to your kids.