A simple way to lose weight fast is by tracking your food intake via a food diary or a journal. Does it sound unbelievable? What if I were to tell you, that studies done by weight loss centers, point out that, maintaining a simple food diary can actually double your weight loss. Let us find out how tracking the food helps in weight loss.

What exactly is food tracking?

Food tracking is recording the amount of food that you have consumed in a day. It is a method of tracking the foods that you have eaten, and their calorie levels in a diary/journal or in calorie counting tools found over the net.

How does it help in losing weight?

Here are three reasons why writing down or using online tracking tools helps you lose weight fast.

  • You become aware of what you have been putting into your mouth, when you start recording your food habits. The leftovers, the in-between snacks, etc. add up your calories without your knowledge. Writing down brings the calorie levels in order to focus, and makes you eat mindfully. You will also be motivated to juggle your calorie intake to lose more weight.
  • The tracking tools/diary can help you understand your food patterns and habits better. You may either be overeating or starving yourself during certain times of the day. You can identify and correct these patterns to lose more weight.
  • A food journal can motivate you to stay on proper diet, when you see your day filled with consuming only nutritious foods. A food dairy will also show you what is missing in your diet, and will help you adhere to a balanced food plan to lose weight.

How do you start a food journal?

In its simplest form, the food diary consists of the time, food, portions/amount of food consumed. You can also add the amount of carbs, fat, and fiber grams if you wish to track the food consumed in minute details. You can also jot down the list of calories present in a particular food. These are readily available on the Internet.