Marriage is a complex relationship. While there can be several major factors that lead to a divorce, there are some surprising habits that sink marriages. Here are 5 of those common habits that can break a marriage.

Poor Communication

You don’t expect your partner to listen to the unsaid, do you? Well, they can’t. Inability to communicate often and clearly is a common relationship habit that can lead to a divorce. Avoid this blunder. Communicate with your partner regularly. Talk about delicate issues like money. Sort any conflicts by talking out. Talk to each other about your daily lives. Take out time to text each other even when your work gets super-busy. Share fears, dreams and little joys. Make your partner an integral part of your life.


Are you generally negative or distrustful about things? Do you have a tendency to nag – about everything and everyone? If yes, then your home atmosphere is probably gloomy and your spouse is filled with despair. Stay away from cynicism. If there are issues bothering you, talk them out with your spouse, close friends and family. Do not let problems burden your relationship. Bring in humour in your lives. Create a friendly, cheerful atmosphere at home. Don’t make a big deal out of everything. Let things go. Laugh some bit every day, even if it involves making fun of yourself. Life is going to be full of obstacles but what one needs to do is admire the rose and ignore the thorns.

Being Self-centred

While you need to give sufficient space to your partner, it is not good to be self-centred. Do not shut your partner away from your circle. Marriage is all about, ‘We’. While it is important to involve your spouse into your life, make efforts to become a part of his/her life. Be involved with their work life, health, family and friends. Show interest; show that you care about their circle. Being selfless, generous and mature is the key here.

Abstaining from Appreciating

It is very common for us humans to take things and people for granted. Do realize that all human beings crave for appreciation. How would you feel if you kept on doing good deeds for your partner but never got acknowledged or praised in return? Appreciate your spouse for what they do for you, your house and kids. Praise them in front of friends and family. Appreciate even daily acts like a well-cooked meal. Admire their good traits like strength, kindness, guts or selflessness. Receiving love and having someone to care for you is one of the most blissful gifts anyone can get. Don’t think it comes easily to everyone.

Awkward Habits

Is picking your nose or ears a favourite pastime for you? Do you wear the same pair of socks for the whole week? Or does your hand reach out in the most awkward of places to scratch? This is a sure shot way of bringing in downfall to your marriage. Not only are these habits embarrassing and socially unacceptable, they are revolting.  Your partner will feel very uncomfortable around you under such circumstances. Get rid of all annoying habits. Keep your personal things clean, organized and hygienic. Develop a pleasant personality that will make you approachable and well liked.

No two humans are perfectly compatible. When two different individuals stay under one roof, some friction is bound to happen. By following the above relationship tips, one can easily create a wonderful atmosphere at home and a relationship everyone will want to idolize.