Editor’s Note: Staying with in-laws or even visiting them can be an interesting experience for all. We just have to look at things a little differently and even the most irritating habit can become funny. It is a matter of perspective.

So much is discussed in our Relationship Forums about troubled relationships with in-laws and about difference of opinions with the mother-in-law. But this discussion was very different. It talks about the crazy and the funny things that we can see at our in-laws home. It will help you to laugh. And we all need that at times. 

Here are few that was shared. It is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Coconuts to be broken only by men. Women should not do it.- coolpinky 

On diwali all the dry snacks will be in steel dabbas in a separate room….there will be atleast 50 dabbas…now if some guest are there….open every dabba and see what is inside ….worst my MIL changes dabbas everyday….today laddu is in dabba 1, next day laddu will be in dabbba 10…and all diwali days she spent in that dabba room…changing dabba of snacks…and look very busy to the viewers…people brought one dabba of sweets…now she will make 2 dabba out of 1 and send it to 2 people :)…sometimes her whole life starts looking like a dabba to me…I want to give her a degree MDA – Master of dabba administration – coolgal123 

Waking at 4.00 am & immediately taking bath(even in chilly cold winters) – Mahajanpragati 

Arrange & rearrange all clothes in cupboard at least twice a day. Yes twice a day – DGcreative 

The government is wrong. Plastic is a scarce resource. Store every available plastic bag, plastic dabbas, plastic spoons from ice creams packs, anything remotely plastic even if the kitchen cupboards are already overflowing with plastic material. – smritisinha 

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