Editor’s Note: If you are alone in the USA and wondering whether you will able to manage the delivery of your child single-handedly then don’t worry. Many women have gone through this before. We bring you stories of some here.

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Research Information – by shrutimanjunath

I belong to the March 2014 due date club. 

I am also in the same boat as you. Not getting any family help. But with help of DH, i have entered this phase of life. I did all research possible and now entered this conclusion that it is little difficult but not impossible. My husband tells that during pregnancy we should be very brave, as we have managed till this phase alone and we would be managing it all bravely in the coming months.

I have had friends who stayed here and had risky pregnancies and managed delivery, postpartum all alone sometimes even when their hubbies resumed work.

I know a classmate who managed this phase with her DH help. In USA, they will give you a list of everything for baby. When you are in the hospital, you and your hubby check out how they swaddle babies, what to do if baby is colic, what to do if baby gets gassy. or even read some forums online like in babycenter. you can read it now onwards, this will help you, later . or write down in a book all these things clearly(so that you or your hubby can read it to do accordingly). Ask your elders now, whenever you call them, recall their words and write it in the book. 

My friends baby was so cranky that they sat all night with the wailing baby. They have even managed this part alone.

Regarding food: Post partum food preparation is very easy. I have Googled the dishes and have written it in a book. the thing is they should not have hard food, just rice and dal,or greens with dal or suji halwa for few days. you should have minimum chilis in the dals. drink ajwain water for indigestion. have warm food always. drink warm water as much as possible. You can even ask your mom what all to have post partum food and write in the book what and how to prepare it.