Your husband can cook this simple food for you and also he can cook food for himself during this phase.

Even you can get flyers in grocery like home made vegetarian food, you can check out with them if they can give you post partum food. get some of their dishes and try out if they really go well for you now. Once you have that confidence, you can ask them to deliver food for you. 

I have done this task myself and found a lady who can help me for post partum food in case any emergency strikes and would need her help.

Regarding laundry, cleaning and washing utensils, your hubby can do them in the evening. Cleaning home can be done once a week. i have planned to get disposable plates and cups for us during that month.

we will be stocking the grocery before we leave to the hospital, at least the greens, rice and toordal/moong dal, ghee milk.

Your hubby might have paternal leaves, he can utilize this. My hubby would be utilizing his leaves for a week.

Once he resumes, see that you just look after you and the baby. 

Even you can get nannies for hour basis for emergency, keep their numbers with you for emergency.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Feed the baby every 2-3 hours. Burp it. Change its diaper. These are the things we have to do when we have no one.

You will be in hospital for 3 days depending upon your case. they provide food to their patients like soup, salads, wheat breads. I have however not reviewed the taste with my hospital food. I thought to try it only if I am very hungry. My hubby would come home to cook food and would return with our food.

Even after your baby has come, you need not invite guests for few days. this would be your rest time and bonding time. 

Shop for sufficient clothes, swaddles etc for your new born at 7th month and wash them and keep your bag ready. get a milk pump set, so that you can pump your milk and store it. in case you are asleep then your hubby can feed your baby and burp it.

This is how i have written everything in a book; i will store it for post partum period. So that even if i don’t know my hubby can refer it and do accordingly.

No need to bathe baby until the cord falls off. You can give sponge bath with your hubby help.

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