One perk that comes with being pregnant is the disappearance of the periods. But once the child is born, it makes its return, sooner or later.

Below are some related queries answered for you regarding menstruation post child birth.

Blood Loss after Delivery

The heavy bleeding, which happens just after delivery, is not really your periods. It is bleeding which also a vaginal discharge called lochia. This bleeding is usually heavy and bright red in colour.

Sometimes it can be so heavy that you can get a gushing feeling, especially when you stand up. Usually a four hourly change of your sanitary pads (these maternity pads are thicker than the normal ones) are enough.

So if you see that the blood flow is more, then do not hesitate to consult your doctor. In a week’s time the flow will reduce, and the colour also will be initially pale red, and then brownish red. Finally it will turn yellowish white colour with a little odour, before it stops completely.


If your lochia smells very foul, then you might be suffering from a vaginal infection caused by a fragment of placenta that could have been left behind during childbirth. On the other hand, if you are bleeding very heavily, then it could also be a sign of postpartum haemorrhaging. In both cases, consult a doctor immediately.

Use of Tampons

Avoid the use of tampons, and restrict yourself to using sanitary pads. Tampons tend to obstruct the blood flow, which might cause bacterial infections.