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This week is an important milestone for you. You and your child enter the last week of your second trimester. As your due date draws nearer the excitement is sure to build up inside you. But do keep yourself as calm as you can as you step into the 28th week of pregnancy soon.

Changes in Your Body at Week 27 Pregnancy

At 27 weeks of pregnancy you may experience an occasional chest pain and a shortness of breath. Your growing uterus is the cause behind it.

Other than this, swelling in your face and limbs are also fairly common.

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Your Baby’s Development at Week 27 Pregnancy

By now the baby would be around 14 – 15 inches in length.

The eyes are developing further now – the retina form at this stage and the membrane that covers the eyes separate to form the eyelids.

The baby has begun to develop an individualistic sleeping and waking pattern. It is common for you to hear that you should rest when the  baby is resting. This rule follows even after birth.

Compared to the 26 weeks of pregnancy, more tissues develop inside the brains. A few experts feel that babies begin to dream at this stage. But there is not definitive proof about this yet.

At 27 weeks of pregnancy as the little one’s lungs continue to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid, you will feel him or her hiccuping inside you.

Week 27 Pregnancy Tips and Advice

During this time you don’t need any more than 300 to 500 extra calories per day to remain healthy. So get your diet well planned out and avoid all the unnecessary food cravings that you might be having.

If you find that the baby is moving around too much, then listening to soft soothing music calms the baby down considerably.

Walk a little carefully as you might feel a little wobbly during this time. If you fall, the amniotic fluid will protect your child. But do keep a watch on symptoms like abdominal pain, a gush of fluid from the vagina and any form of bleeding. Report to the doctor immediately in that case.

At 27 weeks of pregnancy, chalk out your birth plan in detail in consultation with your partner. If any doubts that you might have this is the best time to get them all clarified from the doctor. Once you are in labour you will not have any time for all this.

Week 27 Fun

Take a walk down the baby aisles in different shops. It is nice to see the tiny things and also will give you some exercise. With your increased body weight, any brisk exercise is sure to be a tough job to do. So enjoy the stroll.

Read to your child – while you enjoy a good book the baby will get to know your voice.

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Week 27 Pregnancy Discussions

Week 27 Have a Laugh

Let’s get a little naughty as you count the number of days left for your due date!

What do a pregnant woman and a burnt cake have in common? You should have taken it out earlier.

What’s the difference between a pregnant woman and a light bulb? You can unscrew a light bulb.