It is the valentine’s week. Love is in the air. And we all want to have some fun. Here are some fun things that you can do with your kids at home.


Take a picture that you would have clicked sometime. Stick it onto a piece of cardboard and cut it into small pieces. Jumble them all up. Now enjoy putting them back together. it will sure get you a lot of giggles from the little babies.

Secret Letter

Squeeze out the juice of a lemon and add a few spoons of water to it. Now take a ear bud and use this cotton swab to write out a message on a white sheet of paper. As the writing dries up the message disappears. Hold this against a light bulb and watch it reappear.  

Candle Holder

Go for a nature walk and find a branch of a tree or a stone with a hole in it. Once home, paint it in different colours and put a candle into that hole. You have your natural candle holder.


Take a bottle gourd. Punch two holes on either ends. Let the holes be big enough for you to scrape out all the seeds and flesh from inside. Now put in tiny pebbles and seal the two ends with scotch tape. Ask your kid to shake it. There she has her vegetable rattle ready!

Baking Soda Balloon

Take a bottle and fill it one third with baking soda. Add vinegar to it and immediately put a balloon to the mouth of it. The fizz, which is carbon dioxide gas, created by the mixing of the soda and the vinegar will blow up the balloon. 

Here are some more online games from our forums. Have a look and enjoy!