The following article is dedicated to all the various artists who are trying to strive and make some name in the world full of self interest vested people or morons.

I was looking at an accomplished photographer’s pictures on Facebook recently and wondering what was so special about his pictures that I didn’t click? This thought kept pricking me with every new photo of his that I saw.

There was a stage in life when I too wanted to be a photographer. I had sent pics to national Geographic and other contests that I found online. Nothing got published anywhere but in my Picasa album.

The desire to be famous is present with everyone and was there with me too since a long time and increased after I saw the movie Wake up Sid.

I liked clicking pictures and capturing parts of mother nature but with time, I realized that I was the only one who liked or understood and appreciated my pics. The process of surrendering and trying to concentrate on my actual line of work was slow.

It became final when one of my distant uncle showed me some pictures in his camera. He had recently bought a camera and had clicked some pictures from his house window and of his family. I started feeling bored soon because he had clicked his son in different poses in the garden and his wife at home in different poses. Besides this there were clicks from his window of the bus depot and few other pictures.

So, my realization and the point of writing about all this is that only the creator can truly understand the creation. For my uncle, the actual form of love is his family. He captured it and was happy to show and share it with others. I obviously don’t and can’t feel the same amount of love that he does for them.

Similarly, the photographers capture what they love, the painter paints what he loves and similar is the case with every artist. It is not necessary for everyone to understand it. You were not there when the work was being produced. You don’t know the background. You don’t know what else was there to be clicked. Why the angle, Why the.. and why the…whatevers.

It is like modern art or many other art pieces that we see. We see and try to figure out the specialty. The little creative part of me always questions – What is so special about it? I could paint it. I also know that I don’t understand art. But how can I? I don’t know the history or reason behind the painting. I am sure that every piece has a story that only the painter might really understand completely.

It reminds me of this story that I am sure many of you must have heard. An accountant had an opportunity to host a well renowned painter. During conversation, the accountant happens to mention that he too paints in his free time. He happens to show his painting and the painter politely sees it all. He comments that he is safe as an accountant and may not bore well at any auction.

The accountant then shows him another painting. The painter appreciates the painting and says that this painter will surely reach somewhere high. The accountant confessed that he had painted it when he was very young. His parents didn’t think that the career was safe and urged him to pursue accountancy. For lack of appreciation and encouragement, the accountant lost his confidence and …

So, I hope this article helps everyone who feels that they don’t understand themselves or for my friends who think that others don’t understand or value them.

How can they?

How many people truly know your history. I had read some place that the longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself. So don’t be angry or upset if you think others don’t understand you. I hope you can be rest assured that your creator surely has a purpose of creating you and does understand.