How do you feel when somebody closes your eyes even for a minute? The reaction is you try to remove those hands because your body wants to see the light.

However, have you felt how the world would be to a blind person to live an entire life unable to see and enjoy the beautiful world around him?


The anatomy of an eye includes Cornea, Pupil, Lens, Iris and other parts. The cornea plays a vital role where it directs and transmits light as it passes through the lens and retina which is situated at the black of the eye. About 25% of the total blind people in India are devoid of vision due to corneal blindness. The cornea is a transparent and thin out layer can get damaged due to burns, injuries, nutritional deficiency or post operative complications. Some people are also born with corneal abnormalities, which reduce the vision of a child. 

Can vision in such people be restored?

Corneal transplantation or grafting is the only hope for those people suffering from corneal damage. This procedure aims to replace the damaged a part or entire cornea with a healthy tissue. An adult as well as a young child can help to replace the damaged cornea, thus giving an opportunity for people with corneal blindness to enjoy a beautiful world. 
Cornea is usually removed from the eyes of a dead person with the consent of the individual’s family. People who have infections such as HIV AID or Hepatitis are not eligible to donate eyes. 

“Netram Pradhanam Servendriyanam” (Translation: Eyes are the precious gift given to humans by the Almighty) Eyes are one of the essential organs of the body and should not be wasted after a person is dead. Did you know that donation of eyes can give sight to TWO corneal blind persons? Statistics reveal that India received about 41,000 in the year 2010 and manages only about 10,000 corneal transplants each year! So, go ahead and take a pledge to donate your eyes enabling blind people to come out of a life without colors and help them also to enjoy this marvelous world!!

Have you pledged your eyes? For further discussion and information on where you can donate your eyes, click here