We bring you series of articles contributed by IL member, mimur9 on different ways to keep our food healthy.

In today’s life we come across various research articles published in papers about the crops [hybrid, pesticides, their medicinal effect], calories consumed, etc. Some opt for organic food. But how much organic they are depends on the recommendation of the regulatory authorities and it varies. Awareness is always good but too much of contradictory articles will only leave us confused.

Lack of time has made us just buy and consume whatever available.Here are few rules to  follow with the crops available in the market to make it as much healthy as possible to eat. 

What we need to do to keep our food healthy

  1. Devotion
  2. Time
  3. Awareness
  4. Memory of what we learnt
  5. Action

I divide the process of making our food healthy as follows –

1. Selection

2. Storage

3. Washing and Cutting

4. Cooking

5. Eating


Whether it is a fruit or vegetable, the selection process is very important. I have heard in media during my childhood days that shapes of the vegetable we eat is good to the organs they resemble in our body, e.g., Bitter gourd for pancreas, Drumstick for nerves and so on.

  1. The skin should be smooth without any cuts.
  2. Should look fresh.
  3. If you find a hole made by an insect, that means it doesn’t have much of pesticides. If there would have been pesticide then there is no room for insects! 
  4. Colour is an important factor. Many vendors add artificial coloring agent to give the veggies a fresh look. Hence if you find them extremely color, give the benefit of doubt. Immersing them in water will show whether the color is natural or not. Added colors will come out and color the water. This type of coloring is done mostly with veggies like carrot, green peas or parwal.
  5. If you find the country vegetables especially tomato, eggplant (brinjal), potato, please go in for it as they are more healthy compared to the hybrid ones
  6. For root vegetables like carrot, radish, beetroot, if you get them with leaves, the leaves will show you how fresh they are. The root as well as leaves can be used in your curry / subzi.

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