For all you sewing enthusiasts, here is a simple tutorial to make your own gathered skirt. The step by step instructions with accompanying pictures should help you get this skirt ready in no time. And if you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please do leave your questions in the comments section below. 





  1. Calculate your pattern pieces according to the instructions here.
  2. Iron the interface to the front of the waistband placing in the center and form tubes of the skirt pieces and waistband front and back by sewing them together at sides.
    Make tubes
  3. Gather the skirt with 2 gathering stitches on top of the seam line and one below leaving long tails. Note: Gather front and back separately.
  4. Now with right side of waistband facing the wrong side of the skirt adjust the gathering so it measures equal. You will notice that the front is shorter than the back. Don’t worry. It is supposed to be and that is the trick J. Now sew all around attaching the 2 tubes. 
    third step
  5. Cut the excess after sewing and remove the gathering stitches below the seam.
    step 5
  6. Turn under the back of the skirt so its 0.3 cm more than the elastic width and sew at the pinned mark from the right side only at the back.
    step 6
  7. Now sew at the top of the waistband on the back. Note that the front is still not finished.
    step 7
  8. Insert elastic and sew vertically. Now try the skirt to see if it fits. Next finish the front of the waistband.
    step 8
  9. Now by pulling the elastic sew in the middle of the waistband.
    step 9
  10. Hem and finish.