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Ragi Thattai | Finger Millet Recipe

Back to 10 Nutritious Millets Recipes Find recipe for Ragi | Finger Millet Thattai. Thattai is also called Thattu Vadai. INGREDIENTS: Finger Millet | Ragi Flour – 2 cups Roasted gram dal – 2 tablespoons Urad dal – 2 tablespoon. Chana dal – 1 tablespoon Moong dal – 1 tablespoon Curry leaves- a few leaves torn into small pieces. Hing – a pinch..1/4 of a teaspoon. White sesame seeds – 1 tablespoon. Red chilli powder – 1.2 teaspoon.. Salt – to taste Oil – as required. PREPARATION METHOD: Soak the moong and chana dal in water after washing for an...

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Ragi Muffins | Finger Millet Recipe

Back to 10 Nutritious Millets Recipes Learn to bake this easy Ragi Muffins. These muffins are surely a healthy snack for your kids. INGREDIENTS: 2 cup Finger Millet | Ragi Flour. 2 tablespoon Soya fllour (safety measure, for that bind) 1 cup Sugar powdered. (used demmerra brown sugar) 2 tablespoon grated Coconut. 2 tablespoon brewed Coffee.(used Filter coffee) ½ cup Oil ½ cup Milk. 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence. Pinch of Salt 1 teaspoon Cooking soda. 1 teaspoon Baking soda. Powdered nuts optional- (1/3 cup of powdered almond and melon seeds). PREPARATION METHOD: Preheat oven at 200 degrees C. Beat...

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Samai Kozhukattai| Little Millet Recipe

Back to 10 Nutritious Millets Recipes Try this samai kozhukattai savory version, for your evening snack. INGREDIENTS: Samai | Little Millet – 1 cup Toor dal – 2 tablespoon Pepper Corns – 10 Mustard to season Curry Leaves – few Chana Dal – 1 teaspoon Salt to taste PREPARATION METHOD: Add samai rice,toor dal, pepper corns and run coarsely in the mixer. Pressure cook for 3 whistles with 2 and 1/4 cup water and little salt. Allow to get it cooled. Temper the dough with mustard, curry leaves,chana dal, urad dal and mixed well. Then steamed as small dumplings....

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Broken Wheat | Godi Rave Idli

Back to Main Guide Are you looking for diabetic friendly breakfast? Here it is… Soft and Spongy idly made with Broken Wheat. It’s tastes so good and can be served for any age starting from kids. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Broken wheat. 1/4 cup Urad dal 1tsp Methi seeds. PREPARATION METHOD: Wash the broken wheat and soak it for 2 hours. Wash the urad and methi and soak it for 3 hours. Grind the urad and methi nicely as for idli. if the broken wheat is not too big, just mix the wheat mixture to the urad dal mixture.. Allow...

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Relationships Need to Breathe

Editor’s Note: Loving someone and being over possessive about the person are two completely different things. We should all allow some breathing space in a relationship. Our IL member Shanvy tells us more on breathing space. I don’t write much on relationships but blame it on Khalil Gibran, the 1850’s poet, whose verses has made me drop in here. Many a times, when we are in a closed room, with no air, the first thing we do is open up windows to give a little fresh air, to give a breathing space to yourself. The same should be there for every...

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