When our parents visit us, it is quite an interesting challenge to keep them engaged and entertained. One way to do that is to take them to interesting places to see in Austin.

Sometimes the places that are hep in Austin (like 6th street for example) won’t be of much interest to our parents. Here is a list of 10 places that your parents would enjoy.

1. Temples:
Parents love to go to temples. It gives them a sense of peace and serenity. They love to narrate stories of Gods and shlokas to their grand kids. Some temples that you can take them to in Austin are:
Austin Hindu temple
Sai Baba temple
Radha Madhav Dham
Temple in Temple, Texas
Meenakshi temple in Houston

2. The Capital Building
The Capital building is a beautiful, big, ancient building. The construction of the tomb and the design on the roof are amazing. If you take them there, be sure to take them on the free tours. The tour guides accent might be hard for our parents to understand so be sure to be with them and translate for them. There are plenty of nuggets of information they will enjoy.

3. Bob Bullock Museum
This museum will help parents understand the story of TEXAS. They will really like to hear the old stories and how the state TEXAS was formed. There is a 45 minute IMAX movie called “Story of Texas”, which is a must-see. I take all visitors here because it gives a great glimpse into the life in Texas and the pride of being a Texan. In the movie one frame said, “99% of Texas believe in heaven”. The next frame said, “100% believe they are already there”.

4. UT Austin
You can take your parents on a walking tour of UT Austin and show them all the department buildings and the student areas. There is a walking tour map that you can download from the UT website. They will be thrilled to see the student town in action. It is very refreshing to see young students and remember our own college days. Many Indian students come to UT Austin to study and it would be great for them to say that they have been there.Be sure to take them when the college is in session.

5. Town Lake trail (Where to park):
We always love to walk in this beautiful trail by the lake. There is a boat rental in this trail where you can rent kayaks and enjoying kayaking in the lake. While boating might not interest all parents, a leisurely walk on the lake side viewing all the activities going on around them would be a relaxing experience. It is a must see and I highly recommend it.

6. Zilker Park:
When the weather is really pleasant you can take a kite or even ball, Frisbee and take your kids and parents to Zilker Park where you can spend half-a-day. Grandparents will really love to play with their grandkids here.

7. Congress Street bats
It is the largest urban colony of bats in the united states. During summer, just before sunset, around 1.5 million bats will fly out from under the bridge. In the evening, drive downtown, park your car in the Austin Statesman building (allowed for bat viewers) and then walk your way to the grass lawn facing the congress bridge. It is a nice activity to experience.

8. Board walk and brunch
It is a very good place for morning walks with the family. The view from the board walk is captivating. You can have brunch at La Cafe Crepe Board walk after that. It will be a good workout for parents.

9. Shopping malls
Parents usually like to stroll around shops even if they aren’t interested in actively buying things. If they find something interesting, it might remind them of friends or family back in India who would enjoy that gift. You can take them there for it, or even better we can leave the kids with grandparents near the play area and shop in peace. There are several notable malls in Austin:
Barton Creek Mall
Domain Mall
Lakeline Mall
Round Rock Mall
San Marcos Mall

10. Mozart’s Coffee shop
This is a nice coffee shop in Austin by the lake. Parent will like to relax and sip a coffee in the atmosphere near the lake. You can even take a pack of cards or UNO or any board games and spend some time here. On weekend evenings, usually there are some people performing which will be entertaining to the parents.

11. May field Preserve Park
There is a beautiful peacock park near Mt Bonnel and 35th street. Our parents were excited to see so many peacocks. It might be the first time for most parents to see peacock in such close proximity. It is a must see in Austin.

12. Mt. Bonnel
Mt. Bonnel a viewpoint of million dollar houses. There is a small hike to get to the viewpoint, but not very steep. It is a nice challenge and they might even enjoy it. After the hike, the view is panoramic that will surely leave our parents wonder-struck.

Anything I have left out. What are the places you have taken your parents that they have enjoyed. Please share in our community.