Editor’s Note: Is one language superior than another? Why can’t we converse in our mother tongue if we are more comfortable in that? Our member srinivasan_vanaja shares her thoughts. tell us what you think here. 

When I had been to the bank, I observed a middle aged person conversing with the Customer Care Department in a language which is neither Tamil nor English. I am not quiet sure whether he was able to convey his queries properly and do not know how far he had understood their replies too.

Most of us do the same I agree. But when it comes to important conversations like talking to a bank personnel, inquiring about products that we desire to buy, regarding loan application, medical inquiry etc., I see lot of people struggling with the fluency in English. Finally they end up with dissatisfaction because of their not being confident in what they speak and bring disgrace to themselves. 

Why is it so? Is this language barrier very necessary?

When we belong to a same state and when we know our mother tongue very well, why don’t we converse in our mother tongue and get our doubts clarified instead of making a mess out of the language in which we are not confident?

I do agree at certain places we need to speak English and that is unavoidable. But when we meet people belonging to different state and language, we try to collect more words from their own language and converse. What is the purpose? Nothing but we want them to understand what we speak. Is it not true?

When I take this language English which is international – I feel personally that it is not that dear to me than my mother tongue. Though I can converse in English properly and confidently, I am very comfortable only in my mother tongue.

Well, the language English is the major part of our Education System. Many of us get attracted to its style, pronunciation and it sounds quiet decent when we speak. I agree, but that doesn’t mean we would be respected or considered high only if we speak in English. 

Can we not converse in our mother tongue decently, stylishly and more attractively by not using derogatory words?

When you come across a dumb person, how do you converse? There we apply the “language of heart” which is universal.

So, I conclude that when you converse, the language is a very important factor. And the only aim of the conversation should be that it should be understood both by the conversing parties. No language is superior than other.