How to Tell Your Company about Your Pregnancy

Life happens when it has to and we have to just make the most of it. Marissa will also be able to do just that, and may be later she introduces an instruction manual on Yahoo for the rest of us. Till then, some pointers that we can glean from Mayer’s case, to ease our dilemma, are:

Firstly, be transparent with your employer and keep your confidence intact through the situation, no matter what. It’s about fostering a relationship of trust, so they have enough time to plan the resources in advance through your maternity leave.

Secondly, only deliver the required information and focus on the job in hand. If you are able to articulate a clear vision for your work, then you are the best employee, pregnant or not!

Thirdly, control your dialogue in public and make sure the timing in perfect, so that your performance record lays higher than your current physical situation.

If not perfect, today’s world scenario is at its best until now for women (though we expect it to be better in future), and Mayer’s example is an opportunity to show us that there is no paradox in having a full personal and a professional life. The working world is changing in a way that makes even old notions of ‘maternity leave’ are less glaring.

The time demands a mature and forward thinking from the employers, and a smart professional approach from all the female executives, when going the family way. It’s all a part of life cycle, and women shouldn’t be the only one compromising because of her biology.

What do you feel, it’s high time to put our voices together, and get out of this dilemma forever. Until then, we wish you luck Ms. Mayer!