Drinking water will never be a boring affair!


While most health experts believe that downing considerable glasses of water every day is good for health, it may be boring to drink tasteless and plain water. This is true, especially in case of kids who refuse to drink flat water. Here, are five natural ways to make water more interesting. Drinking water will never be a boring affair! Since most of them are available all year round, it is an easy task to make flavored water right at home

Make It Tangy



Add few slices of lemon in the pitcher to get a glass of fresh and aromatic water. In fact, you will have the added benefits of consuming Vitamin C by having a lemon infused drink. Another option is to squeeze the juice of lemon and put them in ice cube trays for freezing. You can add the lemony ice cubes for instant tangy water!

Go Herbal


Mint, lemon grass, basil leaves are some great herbal options to make the flat water more interesting. You may need to crush them to get the flavor of the leaves before putting it into the water. The herbal water also aids digestion.


Cool Cucumber

Slice thin rounds of cucumber and drop in the pitcher of water. Wait for some time to let cucumber release the flavor. It leaves a very cool and refreshing taste adding an interesting taste to the water. You will also get the benefit of Vitamin C (boosts immunity), Vitamin K (keeps the bones healthy and strong) and Vitamin A (good for vision, cell growth and enhances immunity). Did you know that cucumber slices is an effective aid for weight loss?

Mix of Fruits

Make the water look colorful and tasty by adding strawberries. Mash them slightly with a fork, before you put the slices in the water to get that instant strawberry flavor. You can add any type of berries, slices of orange, pineapple, pomegranate and peaches also to make it more interesting.

Ginger & Honey

5honeygingerAdd a slice of ginger and a spoon of honey to make that perfect health drink. Ginger keeps your digestion smooth while honey is a great immunity and energy booster. Ginger and honey are great partners that will help you keep away from respiratory, digestive, muscular problems. Ginger also gives relief from menstrual cramps.

Happy Drinking!!