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Discussion in 'Spotless Kitchen' started by Anusowmyan, Oct 10, 2017.

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    “I keep six honest serving men

    (They taught me all I know)

    Their names are What and why

    And When

    And How and Where and Who”

    - Rudyard Kipling

    As the Quote suggests it’s always better to know these six honest men in order to understand a thing fully.

    WHAT: It’s a kitchen appliance which requires one plug point to function. Highly helpful in chopping vegetables, greens &nuts

    WHY: Its time saving &easy to handle. Light weight &portable. It makes the work simple but not messy.

    WHEN: To prepare quick dips, salads and to add chopped nuts for special dishes as garnish.

    HOW: Just plug it &press- a wonder chopper with just one press. No more strain & sweat. Make sure to cut the large piece of vegetable into 2 cm before it is placed in the chopper.

    WHERE: Its available with “PREETHI’ a company renowned for Kitchen Appliances. It can be used in any kitchen where the demand for chopped vegetables is frequent & the same is used in different methods.

    WHO: It’s a 450 watts turbo chop with stainless steel blade &0.7L bowl with a lid. The chopping job can be done within seconds.

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