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Winter Vegetables

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Anandchitra, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Anandchitra

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    Hello Ladies
    Is anyone planning to start a winter vegetable garden? When I used to live in Northern India almost all the houses had a vegetable garden> Mostly people grew Cauliflower, Winter melons, winter squash, sometimes cabbage. I was always amazed at the rows of plants well planted and well maintained. Not much weeds to tend too. I dont need to grow winter vegetables because I get all the vegetables I want in winter here and much cheaper than I can ever grow. But summer is another story. I then dont get any indian or asian vegetable here and am forced to grow it. In bigger cities its available in plenty and much cheaper than growing it yourself. I t depends on where you live. Let me know what your plans are?

  2. sundarusha

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    Hi chitra,

    we live in the southwest. I grow bittergourd, curry leaves and drum stick in the backyard, The others I have not been very good with cultivating, we get plenty of Indian veggies in the local Korean market.
    This winter I learnt to cook two squashes--one is spaghetti squash and another is acorn squash.
    To cook the spaghetti squash, you cut it in two and bake it in the microwave until is
    soft. When you take it out it comes out like noodles. Then ou may add tomatoes, peas , chillies and saute it.
    Acorn squash, too can be baked in the microwave. Scoop it out and make a dessert.


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