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Weighty Matter Dissolves Disappears

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by Thyagarajan, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:Weighty Matter Dissolves Disappears :hello:

    It is interesting to go through many adopting varietis of techniques for reducing the overall weight over a period.

    Some go for long walk at specific hours of the day or night either on terrace of their dwelling or in lungs of the city - green parks and even some on risky traffic ridden side walks in cities.. Some go to gym on regular basis either daily or weekly or weakly.
    Many prefer to time their meal modified to veg or and fruit smoothies and revise their food habits and live on calorie reduction or on zero calorie or negative calorie foods.

    But am yet to see snaps here of course face made hazy -
    some one posting the visible benefits like "Before & After" of all this rigmarole and steady or permanent usefulness of a particular regimen read therapy- for different age or age groups.

    How I wish if those who attained their goal or target over a specific period, post here in detail as to after-effects and or aesthetic effects in body contour -profile shape and wrinkle free - and fair distribution of muscle mass etc.

    Such jottings would command great welcome among present wait-watchers and amateurs.

    And last but not the least, I wonder, how the reduced mass- or weight, claimed to have been lost from the person, where did it go?

    How & where it has disappeared? I wonder all that extra saturated fat melted or dissolved in body and turned into sweat or vapour or gas ?!
    With best wishes to all weight watchers
    God created all through thin and thick .
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019

  2. SaiKiran1

    SaiKiran1 Junior IL'ite

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    If you're so curious there are lots of specific sites where you can get to see before and after snaps, shapes and profiles of successful weight loss...
  3. hope26

    hope26 Silver IL'ite

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    Interesting question: What I learned over internet and found reasonable explanation that when we loose weight / fat from our body, it get converted into water and Carbon dioxide and Urea and excreted from our body. Metabolizing 100 grams of fat consumes 290 grams of oxygen and produces 280 grams of carbon dioxide plus 110 grams of water.

    I noticed when i shedding my fat/ weight, i usually go many rounds to washroom, when exercise more oxygen intake and more Carbon dioxide and water (Sweating) remove from our body and eating nutritious meal which has good roughage removes constipation and even with less food intake I felt more energy and light.

    My equation will be: FAT Loss= CO2+H2O+Urea.... All reaction in our body require H2O and O2 for this to happen. Reason for suggesting hydration and excercise is for weightloss is this only.

    May be i am wrong but time being this seems logical to me.
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