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Weight loss tips u must read

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by kirti251, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. kirti251

    kirti251 Senior IL'ite

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    Weight Loss Tips

    There are plenty of weight loss tips available. But are you interested to find out simple but effective tips that can be used along with yoga practice for weight loss. I suggest you study this topic yourself and come up with your master plan to loose weight.

    I recommend that you concentrate on your fitness and weight will take care. Be in a positive frame of mind at all times. Do not concentrate on weight loss, instead concentrate on improving health for 2 to 3 months and see the dramatic change in your health, morale and will power. You must make long term changes in your lifestyle, diet and exercise. Make regular exercise and healthy eating a way of life. This only can ensure permanent weight loss. Follow these basic principles :-
    • Healthy diet.
    • Regular exercise.
    • Reduce stress in life.
    • No snacking between meals, eat fruits/salds if feeling hungry between meals.
    • Good sound sleep at night.
    • Include lot of salads and boiled vegetables in each meal.
    • Limit your oil, salt and sugar intake.
    • Limit tea and coffee intake to maximum two per day.
    • Be patient for the results, you did not get the extra weight in a day or month.
    • Develop your will power, you are the best person to control your weight.
    • Remember the Golden rule is moderate! moderate!! moderate!!! Nothing worth eating is good or bad, if you can exercise restraint. Do not deny anything to you completely. Similarly, do not go overboard.

    How to Start?

    Analyse and remove the cause of your obesity. This ground work only you can do for you. Make a plan and follow it. There is no magic weight loss formula to fit everybody. Don’t compare yourself to others. Formulate a new, healthy, eating plan that you will incorporate into your life - permanently.

    Most Basic Tip

    Aim for a nutritious diet. Avoid too much of fats, fries, junk food, soft drinks, tea/ coffee and sugar. Add lot of salads, frsh fruits, sprouts, raw or boiled vegetables to your diet.Raw cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, tomato and most of other vegetables are low calorie food. Increase their intake substantially and see the remarkable results. You can get good nutrition related information here.

    A Most Simple Daily Diet

    Early morning before yoga practice, you can drink one glass of lime juice with fresh lime and one spoon honey. Water can be lukewarm for making lime juice. You can take 60 ml of aloe vera juice if possible.(for detoxification)

    Go for a small walk or do yoga. One hour after yoga drink a glass of warm milk.
    For breakfast aim to minimise intake of carbohydrates, take only fruits, salads, vegetables, sprouts. Try this out, this light breakfast is nutritious and do not load the digestive system, gives me more energy to cope up with my work.
    Before having lunch or dinner, half an hour before eat a bowl of salad, fresh green vegetables or any fruit.
    For snacking, if you feel hungry between meals, eat only fruits, vegetables or take a handful of nuts.
    Eat your dinner around sun set time and take a 10-15 minute walk after dinner or sit in vajra asana so that dinner is digested easily.

    Some More Tips for Weight Loss

    • Select a fit person among the people you know as a role model for your motivation.
    • Set realistic goals. When setting your weight loss goals, choose your weight reduction targets which you can comfortably maintain without much struggle. Defending a small target and achieving is much better than set a big target and not achieving it. Otherwise you will feel discouraged and ready to give up.
    • Love your body, do not get guilty feeling if you are overweight. It was your wrong food choices or lack of exercise. Negative feeling about weight loss further make you look for short term solutions or weight loss pills etc.
    • Avoid guilt feeling. Occasionaly, say once a week, you can indulge yourself to take your favourite food to your hearts content. It will keep your carvings under control. If you have binged on some day, do not carry any guilt. Compensate for it in the next meal or just run an extra mile.</B>
    • Make a mental picture of fitness in your mind and keep repeating it like positive affirmations for weight loss. This is similar to programming your mind to succeed in loosing weight.
    • Have an active lifestyle, take frequent breaks from work, walk a while. Make it a practice to go out in the evening or morning to a nearly park, gym, just walk, jog or just venture out.
    • Select your exercise and be regular with it. Nobody will mind a weekly off, you deserve that. Yoga is the best exercise for permanent weight loss. You can supplement yoga with preferably walking, jogging, cycling or swimming.
    • Be aware of the calories, but do not carry a calculator. Just plan your diet with less of fats and more of vegetables. Reduce carbohydrates and increase vegetable content in your food. If possible have boiled vegetables only. Count your calories try to stay under the amount of 1300 calories per day when trying to loose weight.
    • Keep a carrot, cucumber, radish or tomato handy for munching if you feel hungry between meals.
    • Never go on a crash diet. The faster you loose weight, faster it will come back.
    • Remember water is the only low calorie health drink. Drink enough water in a day. If the colour of your urine looks yellow, increase your water intake.
    • If possible, reduce your intake of Non vegetaian food. Cook it with less spices, oil.
    • Be relaxed at all times, stress often makes us eat more. For relaxation whenever you feel tired, have a look at this article.
    • Identify your ideal weight. Yoga practice will increase your self awareness and you can feel when you have reached ideal weight.
    • Do not over do exercise or dieting.
    • For effective weight loss, your body requires at least eight hours of sleep a night. Your body needs rest to repair itself.
    • Your diet must have adequate fiber or roughage. Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables will fulfill this requirement.Eat more whole foods, raw foods and natural products that have not been processed.
    • Walking is the best exercise. Whenever you get a chance to walk, walk and walk.
    • Sugar is to be avoided at all costs. If you have a sweet tooth, this will be a major hurdle to be overcome for weight loss.
    • When you feel hungry, stop and have a cup of water. Wait 5 minutes and assess whether you are really hungry or perhaps there is an emotional urge to eat.
    • Weigh yourself only once a month. Do not be too conscious of your weight.
    • While eating fill your stomach only three fourth. Keep a quarter of your stomach empty.
    • Never be in a hurry while eating. Chew your food properly.
    • Use lime juice or olive oil dressing for salads to make it more tasty.
    • You cannot lose weight faster by drastically reducing your calorie intake. Your body goes into starvation mode, metabolism slows down and you may may not lose weight.
    • Everybody needs to include some fat in their diet. Some fats like omega-3 fatty acids which are found predominantly in fish and shellfish are good for health.
    • Skipping meals will not help you to loose weight. Your metabolim slows down and you get more hungry.
    • Do not completely skip dairy products from your diet.
    Loosing weight is simply the arithmetic of taking a balanced diet with fewer calories than you will expend in a day. The principles of achieving ideal body weight are simple but difficult to follow. My final tip is that the most effective way to loose weight is to take control of your taste buds, select food for nutrition, not for taste.

  2. music1

    music1 Bronze IL'ite

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    Those were some great tips kirti.Thanks for sharing.

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