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Top 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Weight loss and Fitness

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by coolblues, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Don't we all value fitness in everyday life? Be it to cut down weight, feel agile or simply to stay healthy, being fit is a prime concern to people. You may have several questions in mind before taking the important decision of incorporating a fitness regime.

    Owing to World Health Week (7 - 12 Apr), to ease your concerns, we have picked 20 top fitness questions that has been doing the rounds in IL and have them answered by a prime fitness expert - Ms. Kiran Chhabra.

    She is REEBOK certified Aerobics and Step Aerobics instructor. She is also a Zumba fitness and strength/flexibility trainer. She has worked with Golds Gym, Mumbai and Taj Service Apartments at Colaba, Mumbai. At present, she takes group fitness classes at various locations in Pune. Do check out her Facebook page, ZUMBA Fitness WITH KIRAN

    IndusLadies sincerely thanks Ms. Kiran Chhabra, who has taken the time out of her hectic schedule to answer our queries. Presenting the first ten questions.

    1. What is best time to exercise for weight loss
    2. How to shed weight as a thyroid patient?
    3. Can I shed weight by walking?
    4. What is an effective diet chart for losing weight?
    5. Can you devise a diet chart for a person suffering from gas problem?
    6. How to control my food-cravings?
    7. What are some ways for a working woman to say healthy & fit?
    8. Are there any workout ideas for couples?
    9. What are some effective ways of exercising at home?
    10. How do I shed thyroid weight gain?
    11. Can I do Yoga for weight loss?
    12. How to find which fitness program suits me?
    13. Does an afternoon nap lead to weight gain?
    14. How good are crash diets?
    15. Will I put on weight after I stop a workout?
    16. Does gymming increase a woman's muscle?
    17. Treadmill vs elliptical trainer
    18. What else should I do for weight loss apart from dieting and walking?
    19. What is the best way to shed pounds after pregnancy?
    20. How much weight is it healthy to lose in a month?
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