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Suggest Ways To Reduce Triglycerides

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by abc00, May 20, 2022.

  1. abc00

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    Hi all,

    I want to reduce my triglycerides. I walk regularly for 45 mins- 1hr a day but not brisk walk. Its like a pleasure/destress walk trying to catch up with friends n family. I know exercise is a good way but I'm unable to do much of jumping/cardio. Doc suggested me to try Mediterranean diet but I'm not sure about it. Please suggest the do's and donts of Indian foods. I avoid rice as much as possible.

    Please share if homeopathy med will help along with exercise.

  2. Laks09

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    @abc00 - Triglycerides start to rise when diet is high in sugars and fatty food. It is also unfortunately genetic. I am the only person in my family to not have high triglycerides. I’m the only vegetarian in the family and the only one who runs making me think it definitely has a connection to diet and exercise.

    You could start slow, by first eliminating oils, starchy food, sugar etc. As far as Indian diets are concerned, reducing oil in subzis, reducing potion sizes, lowering your tea/coffee intake all help. Adding salads, sprouts, more of steamed food, adding more lentils, consuming lesser refined flours, lowering starchy foods all should help. If you are making a start, start slow. Don’t do it all at once. Tackle potion sizes first and then work your way into a healthier diet.

    Slowly modify your exercise regime too. A brisk walk of 20 minutes is better than a long slow stroll for this purpose. I know you aren’t motivated to exercise but in the long run, that’s probably what will keep you off statins for a while longer. So find that activity that you find enjoyable or at least burdensome and get started on it slowly.

    If your weight is on the higher end, lowering it by when 7-10 lbs help. Controlling your diet alone should be beneficial in that regard. I know there is a direct correlation between my diet and weight, regardless of how loudly I blame my hormones.

    I have not heard of anyone lowering triglycerides with homeopathy meds. If you are trying to exercise and already focusing on your diet, that itself should suffice to reduce your triglycerides.
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  3. kavikuyil

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    Three things will help

    - fiber (eat dal beans with skin, lot of veggies - both raw and cooked, etc),
    - wholesome grains like whole rolled oats, buckwheat (kuttu), Indian little millet varieties with skin,
    - milled flax seeds (u can even Mike rotis out of this)

    besides these,
    - good protein
    - exercise
    - good sleep
    - lot of water and herbal teas
    - do pranayama

    Avoid fried items, sugar

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