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suggest me pls

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by sudharsiniram, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. sudharsiniram

    sudharsiniram Silver IL'ite

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    hi all IL's

    IM in a deep depression about my weight
    my height is 5.3
    weight is 68 kg

    According to the BMI im over weight , i went to Vibes for consultant , they said that i have to reduce 13 kgs ...
    and tehy showed some offers its cost is very high :drowning

    can you tel me normally a person can loose how many kgs in a months if we follow GYM n diet ...????

    can i reduce with in 4 months my extra 13kg ???

    ple help me put , i ahve read the threads for motivating diet plans, but its very difficult for me to follow.. some other day i eat more :-(

    wat can do ??? how can i manage ????

    thanks in advance ....

  2. VaishnaviRam

    VaishnaviRam Junior IL'ite

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    hi sudharsiniram,
    Pls don't worry. Even your worries make to increase your weight..
    1. Drink warm water with 1tbsp of honey daily 2 times (early morning and night)
    2. Have oats for breakfast.
    3. Drink water 10 minutes before taking your food and do so,10 mins after taking food too.
    4. try to avoid rice because it has carbohydrates.
    5. have fruits before taking food.
    And best thing is to reduce weight is swimming. I reduced 12 kgs in one month, when i went swimming class. Please read the exercise i have written in the following thread. You should follow some exercise too.
  3. Perfectionist

    Perfectionist Senior IL'ite

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    Hi sudha...

    Dont be depreessed...

    We all are here..who are overweight..I am also on my weight loss programe..

    I need to loss 17kgs...so please take it easy...

    for how much weight can we reduce in a month..answer is 3-4 kg...

    in 10 days...1 kg reduction is healthy way...

    You can visit thread called weight loss success stories..there are so many
    of us trying weight loss..

    You will get good ideas for diet and exercise...and will be motivated...

    bye..will see u there...

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