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So Who Killed Her ???? Episode 14

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by sumalynux, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Raju was opening the office when he got a call from Leena.

    Raju as discussed go and meet Dr Pruthvi, today am busy with shopping and preparing notes
    for Guest lecturing in Newyork...I have discussed with ACP he will help you said Leena.

    Sure mam i will do as per the plan, and will call you once its done said Raju.

    Raju reached the hospital and showed his identity card. He was allowed to meet the Doctor..

    Yes how can i help you asked Dr Pruthvi..

    I am Raju, from Leena Detective Agency. I had met you for Priyas case... said Raju

    Yes yes, i already said its suicide, what more information do you need asked Pruthvi arrogantly.

    Rangamma has told us everything, how you take money from people and close the murder cases
    as suicide. Very soon you and people from whom you take money will be arrested said Raju...

    What did Rangamma say, i am goverment doctor its not easy to arrest me.
    said Pruthvi drinking water placed on table.

    Yes correct, thats why Leena madam has contacted ACP Arjun... They are working on your
    Arrest warrant, soon you will be arrested... I came to collect the copy of Post mortem
    report of Priya.. said Raju and left the place.

    As expected Pruthvi immediately called a number.... With help of Acp Arjun, Raju pulled the
    call details of Pruthvi.. And called Leena and updated all the details..

    Around 5pm Raju reached Leena's house.. Ganga got coffee and said Madam will be coming in 5mins.

    Leena came down in 5mins.. Raju did you get call details and bank details of Dr Pruthvi from past 8months.. We will need it for proof.. Hope you have got call details of Sunil verma also asked Leena.

    Yes madam i have collected it, here is the file handed over Raju. Madam i have one doubt
    now we know Sunil verma had paid Dr Pruthvi to give false report. We have call and money
    transactions between Sunil verma and Dr Pruthvi, instead of directly arresting him why
    are we taking help of Pavan to arrange meeting with Sunil verma asked Raju..

    ACP Arjun is already working on Arrest warrant for Sunil verma. Hes is very rich and influential
    person, within minutes he will get bail.. So without proper proof that Sunil verma has murdered Priya we cant do anything.. We need proper proofs for Priyas murder so we can build a non bailable case.

    I have already discussed with Pavan, he has arranged for appointment with Sunil verma..
    He has agreed to meet us with his lawyer. So be ready by tommorrow 11am said Leena...
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