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Rain Proof Ur Wardrobe

Discussion in 'Spotless Kitchen' started by sunkan, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Rain-proof your wardrobe

    The rainy season is when your clothes and footwear take a beating. Here's how you can be free of wet-weather wardrobe worries
    By Jayshree Mulherkar
    After the long, torrid days of summer, the monsoon comes as welcome relief for most of us. But it can be hell on your clothes and shoes. In the wetter parts of the country, clothes, once wet, stay wet. The entire house often reeks of musty clothes. Leather footwear turns green, and if you aren’t careful, may become candidates for the dustbin in no time. Here’s how you can save yourself apparel anxiety in the wet season. [​IMG]
    Rule No. 1: Cut out the heavy cottons. Synthetics and fabrics that dry quickly are your best bet. But since you tend to sweat more because of the humidity, wearing light cottons may be a good idea.
    Says fashion designer Bhargavi Rawal, who’s designed for serials like Maryada and Jaayen Kahaan: “Always stick to lightweight fabrics and avoid silk. Also, avoid long, flowing skirts and trousers. Knee-length skirts and capris are the best option for this season. But if you’re into Indian wear ensure that you wear churidars and avoid patialas and salwars. Sarees too are a strict no-no.” Other things to eschew are long sleeves (go for half sleeves or sleeveless) and frilly, flowing clothes. Tight-fitting outfits are easier to handle when wet. “Don’t be a fashion victim and choose with care,” says Rawal.
    The ABC of clothes care

    Now for some basic clothes care tips. “Always segregate your clothes before washing,” says Rana Singh of The Dry Cleaning Factory in Andheri, Mumbai. According to him, light colours like pastels, whites and dark clothes should always be washed separately. Contrary to popular belief, putting whites out in the sunlight doesn’t make them whiter. “White garments these days contain optical whiteners to give them the desired whiteness. Drying them in the sun will turn them yellow or grey. Always line-dry them in the shade,” adds Singh.
    Singh also cautions against washing silks at home and experimenting with home remedies. “Silk garments should never be hand-washed at home or machine-washed. They should always be given for dry cleaning; washing them at home damages them completely. The fabric shrinks the moment water touches it, and also leaves behind stains,” he says.
    Once this happens there’s no way you can remove them. “Always follow the instructions on the garment’s care label,” he adds.
    Never twist delicate fabrics like chiffon and crepe to squeeze out water. “It’s best to lay it flat on a towel and dry it as this helps maintain its shape,” says Singh.
    Rain or shine, men have to wear trousers to work, and the slush in the streets during the monsoon means that mud stains are unavoidable. These should always be brushed with water and hard detergent before you put the pants in the washing machine. You may also have to take some immediate action. “You need to wash off the stains within 20-30 minutes. If you delay and let them dry, the stains may never come off. Even dry cleaning won’t be of much help,” says Rawal.
    The best place for denims during the monsoon is in the closet. “If your denims get wet, you’ll be wearing twice your body weight. It also takes at least a couple of days to dry them. Unless you have access to a washing machine and a good dryer, it’s better not to wear denims in this season,” says Singh.
    Protecting shoes and accessories

    You also need to take care of your footwear and accessories during the rains. “Put all your leather away,” says Rawal. “Whether it’s bags or shoes, you should wrap them well and put them away,” she adds. According to her, wearing suitable footwear is very important. She suggests rainy-season footwear with straps so that they don’t flap and leave long streaks of dirt along your back. “Flip-flops won’t do as they are sure to soil your clothes,” she adds.
    It’s best to stick to older pairs and keep your new or favourite footwear at home when it rains. Make sure you dry the shoes before putting them in the cabinet; never dry them in direct sunlight. Says Sandeep Gajakas of The Shoe Laundry in Mumbai: “Squeeze out the water with your hand or use a cloth to soak up the water, and then leave them under the fan to dry.”
    He also advises against using leather during the monsoon. “But if you must wear them, don’t just slip your feet out of the shoes after you’ve been out; open the laces,” he adds. Gajakas recommends the good old wax shoe polish instead of the newfangled roll-ons during the monsoon. According to him, the wax repels the water and prevents shoe damage. The important thing to remember is to prevent fungus formation.
    And don’t forget the socks. “Socks are a must,” says Gajakas. “Though they get soaked, it’s better than not wearing any. Socks act as a barrier between your skin and the leather; direct contact of leather with the skin can cause bacterial growth.”
    Monsoon wear tips

    • Avoid heavy cottons; go for quick-drying synthetic fabrics or light cottons. Don’t take those denims out of the closet: they take ages to dry
    • Women should avoid loose, flowing clothes and wear knee-length skirts, capris or churidars. Sarees are a no-no
    • Rub off mud stains with water within 20-30 minutes. Brush stained areas with detergent before putting them in the wash
    • Wearing leather footwear is not a good idea in the rains. If wet, dry them thoroughly before storing
    • Wax shoe polish protects shoes against water damage and makes them last longer
    • Footwear with straps will prevent long mud streaks on your back. Avoid flip-flops
    • Always wear socks with your shoes – they help protect against bacterial infections


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    these are great tips...
    it is really helpful seeing that its the winter in sydney,and it rains alot too now...

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    Very useful info sunkan..Thanx for sharing with us
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