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Plants Care Against Mosquitoes

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by sunita1211, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. sunita1211

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    I had earlier shared about the plants that repel mosquitoes. In case you have not read they are
    • Citronella Plant
    • Eucalyptus Plant
    • Catnip
    • Lemon Basil
    • Lavender Plant

    But do you know about the plants that could attract mosquitoes?

    Yes, these are almost all the plants you grow indoors.
    Plants with wet soil, water collected in pot dishes become the breeding place for mosquitoes and multiply. Chikungunya mosquitoes are believed to breed near water-clogged areas of trees and plants.

    You must follow these steps to protect your family from mosquitoes and still have a good indoor garden
    1. Wipe your plastic pots from outside after watering the plants, as mosquitoes can lay eggs even in 1 drop of water.
    2. Do not let water get collected in pot dishes or corners around the pot.
    3. Throw away any excess water from Flower Pot Dish
    4. Use Mosquito Repellent Cream if you have plants in the bedroom.
    5. Use natural mosquito repellent or electronic mosquito repellent for few days in a week to prevent any mosquitoes if any.

    These simple steps will help you to stay protected against mosquitoes and enjoy gardening!
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  2. EvaEva

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    Nice tips! I also prefer using natural remedies to scare mosquitoes off. Citrus and herbal sprays are good for that purpose. Vanilla is a great repellent too. As for treating mosquito bites, one can use honey to sooth the area near it. You can also apply banana peel - just rub the area with the white side of it. Here are some other tips on how to be protected from bloodsuckers. Hope it will come in handy.

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