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On Cleaning The Bathroom

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by Bubbles, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Bubbles

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    I was wondering what you ladies use to efficiently clean your bathroom(s)? Cleaning the bathroom is the biggest chore at our home, atleast in the mindo_O

    My questions:
    1.Cleaning the surfaces : what to use to wipe / scrub?
    I'd like to use different stuff for cleaning the sink basin, the sink surfaces and outer surface of the tub, the floor, the bath tub itself, the shower area walls. And separate ones for the outer surface of the toilet water tank part, and something else for the toilet itself (outside) and the seat.. If using washcloths, thats a lot of separate washcloths!!! Somehow that seems very inefficient..
    Do you use dishwands, or brushes or cloths or a combination? How many? How do you clean/sterilise them (esp the ones used in the sink basin, tub or toilet outer surface)? Or do you use disposables (paper towels, clorox wipes etc); is it cost effective?

    2. How do you disinfect the toilet brush?
    I currently let it drip dry in the bowl, and then put it back in a solution of PineSol. Somehow dont feel this is adequate.. or is it?

    3. What's your routine, do you clean a bit everyday, and do a major clean at the weekend, or is it all at the weekend or more regularly ? Do share!

  2. BhumiBabe

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    I aim to clean every 2 weeks (worked when I was single, total failure nowadays), and it is a full cleaning at this point. Here is my breakdown:

    Windex - Glass and Mirror items - This is the most effective product to clean up mirrors and glass door (and windows), so it's definitely worth the investment. I only use kitchen paper towels for best results.
    Comet/Ajax Bleach Powder - Bathtubs, sinks, Toilet bowl. When cleaning the tub and sink, I use a scotch-brite scrub sponge that I reuse for just those 2 locations. The Toilet bowl is obviously cleaned with the toilet brush/wand. I don't have a special procedure to clean the toilet brush - I figured the bleach works both ways, and I just rinse and put it back to dry in the holder.
    Scrubbing Bubbles - Countertops, Bath tiles, outside of Toilet. I use the same scrub sponge (mentioned earlier) for the countertops and bath tiles. I use paper towels for the outside of the toilet.
    Pinesol - Floors - I use a Swiffer, and I feel that it is more sanitary than the traditional mop or the sponge mop. I use a separate Swiffer sheet for the bathroom verses the rest of tiled areas.

    Hope this helps :)
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