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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, May 16, 2022.

  1. jayasala42

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    Omens have their origin from early man's attempts
    to explain nature from human view point and they
    are supposed to invite fortunes or evils incusive of death.
    We have read more about omens in the plays of
    like Julius Caesar,Macbeth,Romeo and Juliet and
    in many other plays.
    China is noted for superstitions.
    USA ,UK and other western countries too
    have their own share.

    • While leaving for a trip, if someone sees a married lady with flowers on her head and sindoor on her forehead, it is a good omen.
    • Seeing an elephant on your way is considered auspicious.
    • The curd and sugar are all we are aware of. Eating curd and sugar before heading for an exam or any other auspicious work brings success in the work.
    • When talking to someone in your home, if you hear the sound of lizard in your home then it is a good omen. It means that the other person is speaking the truth.
    • The power of dreams is also significant in India. Dreaming about gods, goddesses, auspicious animals, demons, or any other auspicious thing is considered good.
    • Moreover, if you see a while cow and a calf in the morning then be happy, the day will be in your favor.
    • A pot full of water, a mirror, a light, a pair of fish, turmeric, and flag, all are considered highly auspicious to witness.
    • Many Indians also look at their hands in the morning while praying to Lord. They believe our fingertips contain goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati is in the middle, and goddess Parvati resides in the palm.
    Bad omen
    • A black cat crossing your way ;
    • Seeing a woman who cannot conceive and a widow, both are bad omens in a country like India. Also meeting a woman dressed in white
    • sweeping the floor at midnight;
    • The twitching of a woman’s left eye and the right eye of a man is another symbol that is believed to be a bad omen.
    • Falling of a picture, breaking of glass, or blowing off of a burning lamp causes a fearful situation for Indian people.
    • Indian people also prevent walking under a ladder as people believe that it brings down one’s career
    • Every one is particular in avoiding a bad omen rather than adhering to a good one.
    All our epics contain innumerable examples of throbbing or
    shivering,thunder and lightning forecasting fortunes or evils.
    Western legends have no exceptions.
    40 years back , at the time we started our trip on LFC,
    the mirror held by my daughter fell down and broke to pieces.
    We just drank a cup of water and left.
    We reached Tiruchendur by bus from Tirunelveli.
    Hardly we walked a few steps, I observed that my
    diamond nose stud was missing and had fallen somewhere.
    As the bus was scheduled for its trip we were advised
    by the conductor to make a search in the bus,after it returns after 4 hrs
    I had lost all hopes.Yet on the arrival of the bus I cleaned
    the entire bus with broom and brush onlt to find ground nuts,
    pieces of papers and bits of torn dirty cloths.
    There was a torn slipper lying uncared which also I wanted to
    throw away.
    When I accidentally turned the slipper upside down,
    my nose stud with four diamond droplets were dazzling in
    between the accumulated mud in between the undulated
    surface of the withered sole.Amidst hundreds of passengers
    getting in and out of the bus for four hours ,the jewel had neither been noticed nor dragged away unknowingly.
    The conductor exclaimed'The slipper is nothing but Arumuka Kavacham'
    Happy and sorrowful events just happen unrelated
    to omens.The outcome of the examination/interview
    or bridegroom hunt is no way indicative of the positive
    or negative omens preceding the event.It may be accidental
    Normally men used to remark sarcastically that all WOMEN
    have inbuilt OMEN within themselves Invariably men are
    bound within WOMEN.
    Dear OMEN,we do not want you neither to trouble us with
    loathsOMENss and fearsOMENess, nor want you to be
    as soothing as fOMENtation.No special nOMENclature
    is needed to be branded as good or bad.
    We humans are happy to reserve a cordial accommodation
    to you not with irksOMENess but with a distinct mOMENto
    of a unique status of 'incognito' for ever. Can you please remain calm without causing even a mOMENtary disturbance in us?
    Will you quench your all time desire of creating phenOMENal
    implications on us?Can you promise us not to take
    any avatar of dream in Godmen leading to 'hunts'?
    We expect this yeOMEN service from you.
    Oscar Wilde remarked:
    There is no such thing as OMEN.Destiny does not
    send us heralds.She is too wise or too cruel for that."
    Can members endorse saying'AMENl

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  2. paru123

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    Omens are indirect indications from some natural powers. If we believe in them , we can be careful not to bring about a danger into our lives. A new bride enters her husbands house holding the lit lamp. The moment she keeps her right leg inside the house, a wind blows and the lamp extinguishes. Was the wind giving a signal or were the elders present not careful enough to think about the occurrence of the wind. A glass frame gift , given to the same girl is broken upon opening. Again an indication. Blame can be put on those people , who didnt think about packing it carefully while travelling in a crowded train with the gift. Fancy dress worn by the bride gets spoiled because of the washermans carelessness. Mobile getting lost on the first day of travelling to work from husbands house. So many omens in the initial days, indicating carelessness and few years later filing for divorce.

    The omens were all trying to give the message right from day one but no one took it seriously.
  3. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    Being brought up in a village in a joint family I am aware of all these omens. We can avoid certain things using our wisdom and common sense and definitely not on the basis of prevailing omens.We are not so great to be cautioned by natural forces of the impending evils. If it is so, no evil would have been faced by those who follow these superstitious things. Good and bad things are experienced by one and all in life. No omen can prevent bad things from happening whatever staunch faith you have on omens. They are just beliefs. To have faith or not is left to the individual.
    Jayasala 42
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  4. Balajee

    Balajee IL Hall of Fame

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    Not just omens but religions and the very idea oif God were born from man's attempt to understand nature and universe from a human viewpoint. True there are really nothing like omens but some omens are quite interesting. Like if you encounter a single Brahmin it is considered bad omen! I wonder what if two brahmins run into each other. Will they go back on their path considering this as bad omen?
  5. HariLakhera

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    I do not believe in omens, though, they are interesting, simply because almost in every community world over, such practices are observed.
  6. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:The grandeur of the post is that “MEN” are an inalienable part of OMEN. I also re read the story of ARUMUGAKAVACHAM &
    வைரத்துளிகள் Of nose stud stuck in clay lump on the back of lone chappal in the bus!
    which you had also narrated in your feedback to one of my posts . “Men” are always within “women” invisibly controlled & exercised a bit!


    Entire post reminded me the story and feedbacks @umaakumar in link
    The Omen, Crows & Knight Of Luck

    God Bless.
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