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Identifying food according to doshas

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by padmapriya, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. padmapriya

    padmapriya New IL'ite

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    We cant carry a list of food items of particular doshas around.We should learn to identify food based on the their qualities.

    Food which increases the water and earth element .These foods are cold,liquid ,heavy and unctuous,they nourish the body and add substance to it.Milk,banana and most grains are predominately kapha quality .When grains are grounded into flour it becomes white and tastes sweet ,tend to be heavy and increase body weight .Eg if you crush banana is becomes a solid mass it nourishes the body.


    These are brightly coloured ,shinny and much lighter .They have a sour,spicy and pungent flavour.Pepper,turmeric,ginger,garlic, chilly,tamarind ect.When in moderation they improve metabolism ,in excess they create too much heat in the body.


    They exhibit cold,dry,rough,hard and light qualities.Legumes,beans,lentils are dry crack open and fall out of pods,they provide energy and motility for the body.Eg water melon when we crush it becomes juice it is a diuretic and dries up the body ,if we eat legumes it produces gas in the body.

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