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How to use tea balls?

Discussion in 'Spotless Kitchen' started by meenaprakash, Feb 28, 2007.

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    looks like there could be more gatecrashers for TEA!!!
    I did go to Blore but couldn't visit Infinitea but tried strawberry iced tea from Cafe Coffee Day... it was like drinking strawberry juice topped with crushed ice.. couldn't get the taste of tea at alll..spoilt my taste buds. . hubby had a nice laugh when I looked at his capuccino - hot & frothy. felt sad for me and gave me few sips finally..

    they do have a cranberry flavored tea - must try it the next time when Deepu's around so can share it with her. tell her it's strawberry / cranberry juice... :-D

    Sudha, before you come here start having chai at the diff parlours that would enable you to become a connoisseur of Teas. so, when you visit the tea parlours here you'll know the authenticity of the taste and don't forget to share your experience with us. do let us know when you are in Blore - maybe we can get together at Infinitea... :goodidea:???????????????

    Varloo, great to know you've already booked your tickets.... I think we'll surely meet up in a nice tea parlour - when there's company, we can taste more flavours and I think we ladies are good at it, :tongue

    Kamla, Blore has got lot of such small places where we do get good food/drinks. there's a place in Indiaranagar famous for its Italian food. I don't know the name yet... will share the info once I pick it up. thnaks for info on chai latte and ofcourse for the link. the chai latte looks good - maybe very close to our kinda tea with milk and masalas.
    there seem to be a few recipes too - sounds interesting, maybe shld try them sometime. sprinkling of chai on toasts, cakes, cookies, is a new formula... might taste good. Instead having a bite and sipping tea, just sprinkle tea on cookies and eat them - another choice, I suppose!!!!!!!!!

    got so much hooked to chai that I forgot it's lunch time - need to feed my doggie tooo -

    bye for now,

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