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How to stick to diet while attending parties/functions/social get-togethers...

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by generic, Dec 30, 2013.

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    Hi friends, I'm health conscious and I try to avoid sweet & oily snacks as much as possible...I don't eat out much due to health reasons..But there are many situations where I may have to eat outside food...That's becos my husband has huge family & friends circle...so every 2-3 weeks we are invited to parties, religious family functions or social get togethers...There obviously lot of high calorie food is served...And everyone expect us to eat well...Even if I say I'm dieting and eat less they take it in the wrong way...Becos any host would want their guests to be well-fed...sometimes ppl make fun of me when I say I'm dieting...Even if I can control my appetite, just out of politeness I end up overeating...So I end up eating a few extra sweets and snacks...then end up feeling bad later as the fat accumulates...I'm sure many of u have faced such situations...Pls suggest how to handle such situations and maintain diet plan so that I can stay fit?
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    People tend to make fun of people when they try and eat healthy.My legs have been pulled a lot saying why are you on a diet and so on.But I close my ears to such comments and doesnt give a hoot.When I go for marriages/functions if possible DH and I share a plate of dessert/savories among ourselves.If its a buffet then its easier.Also eat more of salad items(those without heavy dressings) ,then you will be really full and wont be able to eat more even if you want to. I allow myself to indulge occasionally in a piece of cake or cookie or sweet. And if i have any functions i make that my day to indulge in sweets.
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  3. Yesterday we went to Inox. I was hungry. All food stuffs there dripping with cheese or oil. I was surprised to find a salad stall. They gave me 'sprouts salad', made of sprouts, cut fresh vegetables with lemon juice sprinkled on it. The taste was superb and stomach filling also.

    Now a days, salad is available every where. In parties, you can make your own salad with the cut fresh vegetables like cucumber, tomato and onion kept there. Put some lemon juice over it, sprinkle salt and pepper powder, enjoy it .

    Salad, salad and salad is the answer to your question.
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