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how I decor my bedroom

Discussion in 'Home Decoration & Improvement' started by piu, Aug 26, 2007.

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    A few ideas from me -

    U could put up glass shelves to replace your cupboards. I mean a sheet of glass supported with an 'L-shaped' clamp. This would allow light to pass through and gives the illusion of space.

    Paint the walls in more than 1 color, so that there is no monotony. In fact, you could even make 1 large rectangular space for your child to color/paint/stick anything of his choice. This would not only look cute, and also it will mean that he doesnt spoil other walls with colors, as he has his own corner.

    You could also opt out of using a cot and just use a very thick mattress on the floor. This also reduces the clutter.

    Simple but elegant curtains, your craft work/wall hangings, even posters with quotes could bring in cheer in the room.

    Have fun decorating your room

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