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how can i reduce my fat?

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by chocoqueen, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. chocoqueen

    chocoqueen New IL'ite

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    hello il,
    i have a problem.i have alwaz been worried abt my weight and body.i just find it difficult losing them..i love to eat...i feel good when i eat.i am 85 kgs...when im moody i eat sumthng or the other..i do sumtimes control by not eating fried foods..but i still am overweight.i am 20 yrs old.my height is 5 feet 4inch.i have to seriously reduce my weight now but how..sumtimes i think i will never be happy with my body..i get depressed and sad abt myself.i need a serious help.i know i am beautiful.but others wont see that..i am very fair person..i have good complexion ,cute face...but i am overweight and that leads me down..i feed myself to be happy..
    i need ur help!!!!

  2. roopadadia

    roopadadia Silver IL'ite

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    You already know that you are beautiful...except for your weight. So now make a determination of losing atleast 5kgs in the next 3 months. Take things slowly and not do anything drastic to reduce weight and then encounter side effects.

    Maybe you can chalk out a daily regime for yourself. It can be something like this:

    I don't know your routine of what you do, so please make changes as per your suitability.

    - Get up at 6 AM spend 15 min for your morning chorus. If possible dring 2 glasses of water (room temperature)
    - 6.15 - 6.45 AM 30 min. of yoga & meditation.
    - 6.50 - 7.20 AM 30 min. of walking
    - 7.30 - 7.45 AM Come home freshen have 4 almonds soaked overnight in water and 4 black dates soaked overnight in water (both to be soaked separately) read newspaper or whatever you like and relax.
    - Have bath and get ready for your day.
    - Have breakfast 2tsp of honey & few drops of lime juice in one glass of warm water. Have oats/museli or whatever you like and a hot item like upma, poha, etc...we have about 10-12 breakfast items so we make one each day. Milk/tea coffee etc.
    - At around 11 AM have one fruit.
    - 1 PM - lunch start with lots of salads so you are half full, then have maybe 2 rotis, one green veg, one pulse and dahi & butter milk.
    - again around 4 PM have a fruit.
    - 7 - 7.30 have dinner. Maybe you can decide when you want to have rice and when you'll like to have roti.

    Try to avoid fast food, fried food and other unhealthy food habits as much as possible. and try to increase as much physical activities as possible.

    Also whenever you have a craving for food eat fruits or nuts...avoid snacking as much as possible. Carry fruits with you so you don't snack.

    I have given a veg diet as i am a veggie and have no idea about non-veg. Also don't ever skip b/fast its the most imp. meal of the day. In your salads you can try different varieties each day so you won't feel repulsion after a few days...but make it in such a way that you look forward to having salad. You can also add sprouts to your salad.

    Last but not the least have a positive attitude in whatever you do...and also have faith then it will give good results. To reduce weight you don't have to reduce quantity but keep a check on the quality.

    Let me know if this helped you or if you tried anything else then what it is.

    All the best.

    Warm regards

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