I have nothing to wear. This is the most common thing we all say. It is believed that we all use just 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

We keep on buying stuff every now and then. So the old clothes or shoes or accessories get pushed behind, and then we forget all about them till the Diwali cleaning time.

With the below pointers, you will be able to use your wardrobe more wisely.And you will be able to create more looks and your what-to-wear situations should be less. 

Prioritize Your Clothes

Get all your things from the wardrobe out, every single thing. This will be time consuming but end results are fabulous.

Now clear out all the clothes that you are hoping to fit in some day, clothes that you have not worn in the last whole year and clothes you wish you had not bought.

  • If there are some pieces that have emotional value than keep them in a storage box. This is the most difficult part, because we become hoarders over a period of time.
  • If your college time jeans don’t fit you now, it never will fit you the exact same way it used to.
  • If you have some classic timeless pieces than keep them and reinvent them.
  • If you have not used a particular piece of clothing for one whole year, chances are you might never use them.

Start Trying Them Out

Now start trying out each and every piece that you are unsure of throwing away. This will give you a clear cut definition of what goes and what stays.

Organizing Your Closet

Making Groups

Make groups of your clothes. So put all denims in one corner, follow the same for casual tees, office shirts, party wear, salwar kameez, sarees, dresses. Segregate the items according to situation (casual, party, office etc), or group them in tops and bottoms.

Now depending on your daily life and clothes requirements, start placing them. So if you are a nine to five working girl, than your working clothes are top priority. If you are a homemaker than your regular day to day wear should be easily reachable.

Folding Clothes

If you prefer to fold clothes, then it is always better to group them according to situations and styles. Say, for example, you have three tops and use the same bottom for them, group them together. If it is grouped that way, it is easier to find the bottom.

Hanging Clothes

It is an easy way to keep clothes organized, especially if you have lots of dresses and western suits. Invest in the right kind of hanger for the type of clothes you keep hanging.

Use padded hangers for items made from delicate fabrics, plastic hangers for button-down shirts, and sturdy wood hangers for suit jackets, as they help retain the shape of the items.

Double Bars for Kids

Kids clothes are small in size, so have double bars installed in their closet.

Use Drawers

Use drawers to collect smaller items. If you don’t have drawers, use baskets. Keep it at eye level to peer in.

Storage Boxes

Clothes that you use occasionally or seasonally are best stored in the overhead compartments / storage boxes.

Storing Accessories

Group your jewellery, bags and shoes. If your bags and shoes are tattered, it is wise to throw them away. And for the rest of lovely pieces buy appropriate storage solutions, such as accessory hangers, shoe bags, or bag hangers.

There are many options available in market so hunt for the appropriate item for your wardrobe need.


The most important tip of all is save time in the rushed mornings by coordinating your outfit the day before. So you will surely not have indecisive moments of what-to-wear, or are-they-pressed kind of situations.