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The Sperm Donor – A Story

Editor’s Note: There are stories and then there are stories. This one written by our member varalotti is for those who have an open mind. Read on and tell us what you think here.  Most Gracious ILites,  This is one of my most controversial stories. There were editors who dubbed this story as ‘quite vulgar and shocking’.  I have moved with many people who are self-proclaimed progressives. And I find their attitude towards life far more vulgar than this story. As I love to say every time, please don’t raise questions like, “Is this true? Did it happen?” May be this...

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Do You Agree with the Protagonist?

Editor’s Note: This is a story that our member varalotti has told us. read and tell us your thoughts. Share here. Lakshmi married Aravind when she was just twenty. Her education was upto tenth grade in her village school. Aravind owned a small shop and they lived happily for a while. But then Aravind had an ambition – to become a Cinema Director.  Soon Aravind and Lakshmi moved over to Chennai, the film-capital of the South. Aravind did not want to do any other work and spent all his waking hours looking for a chance in movies. Meanwhile they had two children...

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‘He’ Will Be There When You Need Him

Editor’s Note: We might fail Him, but the Lord will never fail us. We need to keep the faith. We need to hold onto the belief. Our member varalotti tells us of a real life story and the faith in the Lord. Share your ‘miracle experiences’ with us here.  Several years ago when a group of friends were discussing religion, one of them hurled a charge at me, “Hi, Accountant, Isn’t your religion money? Isn’t your philosophy, materialism?” Like so many other unjust remarks thrown at me, I could not take this in my stride. I was deeply hurt and did...

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