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Cheers! To Those Who Don’t Quit!

Editor’s Note: We crib so often. About anything and everything. It is so commonplace to hear “why is this only happening to me?” If only we wouldn’t. If only we would stop to look around us. If something has depressed us, there will be thousands more who are worse off than us. And yet, some of them are facing life with a smile. In fact, these are the people who succeed. Fighters win. Fighters live. Here is a story about a simple girl from a small town. And her achievements. This story has been contributed by our member satchitananda. Do you...

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Things You Must Know about The Menopausal Years – Part I

Time has flown by, you do not know where.  It was just yesterday that you were bewildered by all the changes happening in your body. It was a painful process no doubt – the awkwardness, the discomfort and all the rest that goes with the adolescent years.  Then followed the years of youth, the best years of your life. Now all these years later, you are in a sense going through the reverse adolescence and are now entering the “M” years.  Yes, menopause.   The average person generally looks on the word with dread and fear. We have heard...

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Natural Ways to Handle Menopause

How to Handle Menopause Menopause is the effect of changes in the hormonal levels in the body.  The physiology of hormones, their actions interactions and hormonal balance is pretty complex.  Therefore we shall stick to the essentials and avoid getting very technical here. Suffice to say that even small imbalances can wreak havoc on the physical and emotional health of a person. In the past it was very common to treat symptoms of menopause through HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  This is however quite risky.  Administration of oestrogen carries with it the disadvantage of placing women a higher risk of...

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How to Manage Challenges During Menopause?

Psychological and Emotional Challenges During Menopause One major symptom faced by most women in the menopausal years is mood swings.  There may also be a general decrease in sexual desire.  Depression and irritability is not uncommon. This may be accompanied by frequent bouts of crying, anger, heart pounding, flushed face and throbbing head.  There may be a general feeling of hopelessness.  However the good news is that this passes quickly, though it may leave you feeling rather shaken. Many women associate femininity and their desirability with their fertility.  The loss of this function automatically causes a feeling of anxiety...

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The Manifold Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

Straight out of the delivery room?  You have just had the umbilical cord cut.  Did you save it?  The umbilical cord is used as a symbol for an emotional life line – yes, as the normal usage of the term “cutting the umbilical cord” would have us believe.  A physical life line?  But of course – in more ways than the one that is common knowledge.  Your baby drew its nourishment from the blood you passed on to it through the cord.  But did you know that it could very well use the same lifeline – quite literally –...

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