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An Exchange of Letters

Editor’s Note: We grow up and our priorities change. We start running after other things so much that we sometimes forget the very two people for whom we exist. Let us stop our clocks and give these two very special people the love and attention that they deserve. Our member malspie has shared a very touching exchange of letters between a son and his parents. It just shows that we kids can forget, but they never will – till their last dying breath. Share your thoughts with us here. Dear Pop, I am very sorry to hear about mom’s ill health....

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Was it Harassment by the Male Boss?

Editor’s Note: Why does your boss act the way he does? Is he really trying to harass you by shouting or is he just head deep in stress? have you ever thought about it? Here’s a story by our member malspie. Share your thoughts on this topic with us here.  Many of the working females have at some point of time witnessed great harassment form their male superiors. The strongest win the race while the weak ones buckle. Many even opt out of the rat race. What could be the reason for a Male Boss to harass a particular female subordinate? Big companies...

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