Author: Dr Meenalotchini Prakash

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Many women often hope to have big and firm breasts. Even though size of the breasts is really not a matter to be worried, some may feel insecure about their body shape, and feel stressed out for not having bigger breasts. Here are some of the natural ways to help these ladies out. Exercise: Exercises which increase the pectoral muscle (a group of muscle which lies beneath the breast) help in increasing the breast size. Try some of these exercises: Lie flat on a bench or on the floor. Hold one kg dumbbell or two one liter bottles filled...

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Duphaston – Uses and Side Effects

Duphaston is a chemically available steroidal progestin. It is generally available as a tablet in 10mg dosage. Uses of Duphaston As it is synthetic progesterone, it is widely used for conditions where there is a progesterone deficiency. Duphaston is used in the following conditions: In a condition called Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB) wherein some women have heavy bleeding with no underlying pathology in the uterus, Duphaston is used to arrest the bleeding initially and then it is continued in cycles to regulate the rhythm and cycle of menstruation. In dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), Duphaston has proved to be effective in...

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Cervical Cancer – Stages, Treatment and Prevention

Cervical cancer- a cancer of the cervix is one of the high rising cancers in Indian women. Believe it or not- it is the one of the preventable cancers if we are cautious enough! So here I’m to throw a little light about this cancer and also how it could be prevented. What is Cervix? Cervix literally means neck. Anatomically cervix is the neck of the uterus. In simpler terms it can be called the mouth or entrance of the uterus. So any infection or inflammation of the cervix means it is going to spread to the uterus too....

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