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The Poison Tree called Sibling Rivalry

Editor’s Note; When you have more than one child, is is but natural that there will be some sibling rivalry. But as parents you can curb it with reason and affection. Our member Cheeniya shares more. Tell us your thoughts on sibling rivalry here.   Do you know who committed the first murder in the history of mankind? Cain! He murdered his sibling Abel. They, being the sons of Adam and Eve, became the first case of sibling rivalry in the world. There are several instances of calamitous sibling rivalry in mythology and history like Seth and Osiris, Jacob and Esau,...

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Can an Extra-Marital Affair Ever be Justified?

Editor’s Note: Marriages happen. Many work out and some don’t. For those that don’t, what is the way out? Can an extra marital affair ever be justified? Our member Cheeniya muses and leaves us with an open ended question. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us here. A few years back, the renowned movie maker of South, K Balachander produced a classic movie titled “Sindhu Bairavi”. It is about a carnatic musician who is the rage of the town. He receives rave reviews from every nook and corner of the country except at home. His wife is a kind of Aurangzeb reborn...

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