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need help in planting-very much interested to plant

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by harini, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. harini

    harini New IL'ite

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    hi ladies,
    we hav a garden in our house.i am planning to grow some plants like herbs r flowers,r some veg n fruits.i dont know how to plant any of these r which will suit for the climate as here its now winter n temp is very low.pls suggest some ideas to grow some plants outside.if i can plant inside the house means which are all suitable for that.giv me some ideas as i am very much eager to plant some.

  2. Sindhurao

    Sindhurao Gold IL'ite

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    Hi Harini:

    There is so much gardening that happens in the UK, you sure will have a lot of options. If you are living in a rented accomodation, chances are high that the garden has already been used earlier. A good idea is to observe your garden for a few months or seasons. There might be flower bulbs already planted in the previous years that will show up during spring /summer.

    If you don't want to wait you can have indoor ornamental plants or you can grow a herb garden on your window sill. If it is within the house (on a kitchen window) where you get good amount of sunlight you can start off with herbs like chives, coriander and basil. In January /February you could start on easy vegetables like chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers within the house with seeds and then by March /April (depending on the outside temperature) you can plant the little plants outside in your garden. To plant something in your garden you would have to wait until spring when the weather is more conducive to grow plants.

    Visit a garden shop nearby and have a good look. Check out a few magazines /books on gardening in the local library and you will have a fair idea what to grow and when.

    Hope this helps you get started. Happy gardening!


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