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Your Time To Shine In Darkness

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Aug 20, 2021.

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    Look to yourself for entertainment
    Look to yourself for fun
    Nowadays you cannot rely on anyone

    Gone are the days
    When we struggle
    For our day-to-day grain

    Gone are the days
    When we have no
    Medicines to heal our pain

    To stupid questions
    We were forced to reply

    To lousy relatives
    We were forced to smile

    To clueless authority
    We were forced to
    Trick and beguile

    All of this
    Just to survive

    All of this
    Just to survive

    Now we are blessed with
    Modern amenities
    That means we can be truthful
    To our enemies
    And tell them they are
    Not worth pennies

    But on the flip side
    No one needs us
    No longer is anyone
    Interested in relations
    That are serious

    That is fine
    Use your alone time to shine

    With blessings comes burdens
    Such as these
    On one hand you are happy
    To be away from fake people
    On the other hand you
    Pray to have people
    Who never leave

    Ahhh, such a quandary

    Stick to your sewing
    Stick to your flute
    In your private time
    You will learn to enjoy
    And it will be a hoot!
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